How to replace string in PeopleCode?

How to replace string in PeopleCode?

Use the Substitute function to replace every occurrence of a substring found in a string with a new substring. To replace text that occurs in a specific location in a text string use the Replace function.

Is modal in PeopleCode?

Eighteen PeopleCode functions are available to use for implementing transfers and creating modal windows. Use the DoModal function to display a secondary page in a modal, secondary window with a child relationship to the parent window.

Is PeopleCode object oriented?

PeopleCode is a proprietary object-oriented programming language used to express business logic for PeopleSoft applications. Dot notation, classes and methods in PeopleCode are similar to other object oriented languages, like Java. Object syntax was an important feature of PeopleTools 8.

What is Sqlexec in PeopleCode?

This allows you to pull a SQL statement from a setup table or perhaps build one at runtime and then execute it against the database with SQLEXEC. The SQLEXEC PeopleCode function will actually take an “Array of Any” for both the input binds and output parameters.

What can I use instead of substring?

5 Answers. Well, if you really don’t want to use substrings, you can use String’s toCharArray() method, then you can use a StringBuilder to append the chars. With this you can loop through each of the array’s indices. Your code is efficient enough as it is, though.

Can we write Peoplecode in secondary page?

It is possible to bring up a secondary page using the DoModal () Peoplecode function. To make the data contained in that secondary page to be part of the component buffer, you’ll have to place a secondary page control in one of the standard pages of your component.

What is a secondary page?

Secondary pages are optional for site sections, and they are typically used to dynamically present content on a Web site. A secondary page can have static content, but what makes secondary pages useful is their ability to have dynamically placed and replaceable content.

Does PeopleSoft use Java?

To access a component interface through external APIs using Java, PeopleSoft Application Designer generates a template in the form of boilerplate Java code that you can adapt to your purposes.

What is PeopleSoft written in?

PeopleCode is a proprietary language used to do object-oriented coding in PeopleTools. PeopleCode is the programming language delivered by PeopleSoft for the customization of the PeopleSoft application. PeopleCode is written using the Application Designer.

How do you find the difference between two dates in PeopleCode?

Finding Number of Days Between Two Dates

  1. %DateAdd(from_date, nbr_days_to_add) – You can use negative numbers in the second parameter.
  2. %DateDiff(from_date, to_date)
  3. %DateTimeDiff(from_datetime, to_datetime) – Gives the difference between two date/times in minutes.

What is SQLExec?

SQLExec is a Win32 command-line application that accepts SQL statements or script files and executes each statement in the ODBC environment, on any accessible database server. Originally written for supporting command-line access to Pervasive.

Can substring be empty?

It’s also worth knowing that substring will return an empty String if you pass the length of String as a start in the first version and the same index as start and end in the second method, as shown in our substring example in Java.

How to substitute and replace PeopleCode in PeopleSoft?

Different substitute and replace peoplecode function of peoplesoft. Use the Substitute function to replace every occurrence of a substring found in a string with a new substring. To replace text that occurs in a specific location in a text string using the Replace function. source_text is a string in which you want to replace substrings.

What is the recordchanged function in PeopleCode?

Use the RecordChanged function to determine whether the data in a specific row has been modified since it was retrieved from the database either by the user or by a PeopleCode program. Note: This function remains for backward compatibility only.

How to use relnodetrandelete function in PeopleCode?

Use the RelNodeTranDelete function to delete a transaction modifier. Specify the relationship ID as a string. Specify the source transaction type as a string. Specify the source node as a string. Specify the source request message name as a string. Specify the source request message version as a string.

Can you use remotecall in PeopleCode after PeopleTools 8?

Note: After PeopleTools 8 you can no longer use RemoteCall to start an Application Engine program. You must use CallAppEngine instead. Because complex PeopleCode processes can now be run on the application server in three-tier mode, the RemoteCall PeopleCode function has more limited utility.