How to set the time dymo datemark?

How to set the time dymo datemark?

1. To set the current date and time, press and hold down the SET/EDIT button for 2 seconds, let go and the Month (M) and Day (D) indicators will start flashing. If no other key is pressed for 10 seconds, the unit will revert back to normal display. 2.

How to RESET dymo datemark?

Press the printer reset button with a ballpoint pen. You’ll find the button in the battery compartment. The unit will beep when it’s ready again. If the device won’t reset, check for jams.

How to print a date on a Dymo?

Press and hold the PRINT SELECT button for 2 seconds, the DATE field will start flashing. 3. To move on to the next field press the PRINT SELECT button, and repeat instruction 2 for each subsequent field. 4. Your DYMO Electronic Date/Time Stamper can print any combination of the following items: • Date, Time, Message [IN, OUT, PAID,…

How to maintain your Dymo electronic time Stamper?

Usage Tips To maintain your stamper at peak operating performance, please follow these guidelines: 1. Do not touch the printer head or belt when the unit is printing. This will cause the printer to malfunction and require servicing. 2. Immediately replace LCD display cell-battery if the BATT indicator lights up on the LCD.

How to auto numbering date and Time Stamper?

Once you are finished setting the Date and Time press the SET/EDIT button to return to normal display. pattern press the ALARM MODE button to finish print programming and return to normal display. Auto-numbering Your Date/Time Stamper allows you to use either 4 or 6 digit auto numbering Follow the instructions below for setup: 1.

How do I Set my datemark to normal?

Setting the Date and Time Press and hold the SET/EDIT button for 2 seconds. The stamper enters Program mode and the Month (M) and Day (D) indicators begin flashing. If no keys are pressed for 10 seconds, the stamper returns to Normal mode.