How would you report any environmental damage?

How would you report any environmental damage?

Environment Line To report any of the types of pollution for which the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has regulatory responsibility, phone 131 555 (local call cost throughout NSW except from mobile phones), or (02) 9995 5555 (if calling from outside NSW).

When should you report an environmental incident?

You have a duty to report pollution if you cause it or occupy land where it occurs. Anyone engaged in an activity resulting in a pollution incident has a duty to report the incident. If you occupy land where a pollution incident occurs you must also report it. Failure to do so is an offence and carries a fine.

What is a reportable environmental incident?

damage or danger to the natural environment. pollution to water or land. poaching or illegal fishing. dead fish or fish gasping for air. main rivers blocked by a vehicle or fallen tree causing risk of flooding.

Who would you report an environmental issue to in your workplace?

Non-emergency pollution incidents. Non-emergency incidents should be reported to the organisation responsible for regulating pollution. Phone the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) on 131 555 or visit the EPA website for more contact information.

What happens if you don’t follow environmental laws?

Fines and imprisonment: Most breaches of environmental law are criminal offences. The penalties are usually a fine and/or imprisonment. For cases tried in the: Magistrates’ court, the maximum penalty is, since March 2015, usually an unlimited fine and/or six months’ imprisonment.

What is meant by environmental incident?

An environmental incident is an occurrence or set of circumstances, as a consequence of which pollution (air, water, noise, or land) or an adverse environmental impact has occurred, is occurring, or is likely to occur.

Why is it important to follow workplace environmental policies and procedures?

Breaching environmental regulations is a serious offence and can carry substantial fines, and even prison sentences. For businesses to comply with environmental laws, they need to be aware of the relevant environmental Acts and Regulations and follow workplace procedures to ensure compliance with them.

What is the process for reporting environmental risks at your workplace?

Report it immediately to your supervisor, Environmental officer or OHS officer. Control the hazard if you can do so safely (eg clean up a spill). Complete any required documentation (eg incident form or memo). Follow safety signs to inform staff of potential environmental hazards and correct procedures.

What are major types of pollution?

The three major types of pollution are air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution.