Interesting Facts About Rakshabandhan

Interesting Facts About Rakshabandhan

Whether there are many facts about Raksha Bandhan, which many people or whether you also do not know. Whether every festival has many facts about it, whether some facts are very popular. So all the people of this world know about that festival, or whether some facts are unknown so all people do not know. As everyone knows, Raksha Bandhan is a festival of brother and sister. Whether the brother gives a promise to her sister, he always protects her. If you know about all the facts, then the next time you celebrate the festival. You celebrate the Raksha Bandhan with more happiness and joy. Because you know about almost all the facts about Raksha Bandhan. Whether the facts are connected with our freedom fighter to the lord as well. So you just think how much the facts are going to be interesting about Raksha Bandhan. If you know the facts, then you love this festival more than you loved it before. All the facts you are going to see or hear, all the facts are very interesting and it attracts people towards themselves. 

Rakhi and Rabindranath Tagore 

Many people don’t know about these interesting facts, that the rakhi and Rabindranath Tagore have a very good thing. You know that rakhi was used by Rabindranath Tagore as a social device. Whether at the time of freedom struggle, there are many rifts between Hindu and Muslims that are created by the British. So settle down all the rifts, what Rabindranath Tagore does is that he uses Rakhi as a very good weapon. Whether he plans social rakhi celebrations so that Hindu and Muslims can tie rakhi to each other. Whether if you have a Muslim or Hindu friend, then you can send him rakhi online to that person as well. Whether the rakhi was also celebrated today as well. Whether the rakhi today also are beyond the line of religion for Hindu and Muslims. So this interesting fact about the Raksha Bandhan and Rabindranath Tagore is known by very few people. 

Queen Karnavati and Humayun rakhi promise 

Whether if people say to you, that the Hindu and Muslim rakhi tie did not happen in past time. Then you can give the example of queen karnavati and Humayun rakhi’s promise. Whether when the Bahadur Shah attacked the kingdom of queen Karnavati. Then the Queen sent a rakhi to Humayun and asked for help from him. So that he can help her to save her kingdom. Unfortunately, Humayun was late, so queen Karnavati lost her kingdom. But after some time, Humayun fulfilled his promise and defeated the Bahadur Shah. After defeating him, he gave the kingdom to the son of Queen Caravati. Have you ever thought that a king like Humayun can help any Hindu kingdom to get out from some rule? But this can only happen, because of the rakhi. 

Rakhi in USA, UAE, Nepal and another country 

Many people have thought that rakhi was only celebrated in India. But that is not true about the rakhi festival. Whether the rakhi not only celebrates where the Hindu people live. But it also celebrates where the non-Hindu or Indians live. Whether countries like UAE and the USA, whether the number of Indians and Hindus are very less. So whether you live in India or another country, you can celebrate rakhi there or here. Whether you are not in India, then also you can send online gifts in India. But in that country rakhi was also celebrated. Whether because of that, this festival referred to the bond of brother and sister. Whether the nature of this festival is a reason, why this festival is accepted by all the country. So this is also an interesting fact about rakhi, which you do not know about. 

Rakhi was tied to Lord Krishna 

There are very few festivals, which lord can also celebrate. Whether the rakhi is in that one of the festivals, which lord also celebrate. Whether you know, that the rakhi was celebrated by Lord Krishna as well. Whether there are many stories behind this rakhi tie. Whether one story is that, Krishna is flying the kite, and at that time his finger gets cut. Whether at time Draupadi ties a piece of saree cloth in the hand of Lord Krishna. Whether at that time Krishna gives promise to him, that he always protects her. Whether the rakhi was a tie by Draupadi to Lord Krishna. So now you get to know, that rakhi was celebrated by Lord Krishna as well.

Whether so there are many interesting facts about rakhi, which were also you have to know. But you get to know many facts about rakhi as well, whether in this blog. So you can celebrate rakhi with all the facts about rakhi as well.