Is a Bardiche a Poleaxe?

Is a Bardiche a Poleaxe?

The Bardiche (“long poleaxe”) is a type of glaive polearm known in the 16th and 17th centuries in Eastern Europe. Ultimately a descendant of the medieval sparth (Danish axe), the bardiche proper appears after 1500. The blade varied greatly in shape, but was most often a long, cleaver type blade.

How big is a bardiche?

The Bardiche Blade length was around 60cm (23.6in), although the haft was unusually short at approximately l. 5m (4.9ft). This weapon appeared top-heavy and impractical, but the bardiche was regarded more as a heavy axe and wielded accordingly.

How do I make tools in forest village life is feudal?


  1. Primitive tools are crafted in the Carpenter’s Shop and give a 20% bonus to work.
  2. High-quality tools are crafted in the Blacksmith’s Shop or Castle Smithy and give a 40% bonus to work.
  3. Steel tools are crafted in the Castle Smithy and give a 60% bonus to work.

How do you get tools in Forest Village?

What do you mean by Forest Village?

“‘forest villages” means the settlements which have been established inside the forests. by the forest department of any State Government for forestry operations or which. were converted intoforest villages through theforest reservation process and includes.