Is Anytime Fitness a 12 month contract?

Is Anytime Fitness a 12 month contract?

You will need to give one full calendar month notice, as most of our Membership Agreements run for 12 months and then on a rolling month by month basis after the first year ends. It is important you do not cancel your Direct Debit instruction, as this is processed automatically at the end of your membership term.

Is Pure gym a 12 month contract?

Fixed term Make budgeting easier by paying in advance for access to a single gym for 6, 9 or 12 months. You can cancel you fixed-term membership anytime.

What is a 12 month commitment?

The 12-month contract Those who commit to a 12-month contract, be that by paying a monthly fee or paying the entire sum upfront, naturally have a higher retention rate than those who only pay from month to month or simply pay each time they visit.

Is a gym membership contract legally binding?

As gym contracts are normally binding legal documents, it is important to have a copy of this and keep it in a safe place. Your gym should be able to supply you with your contract. Chain gyms may also have their membership terms and conditions on their website.

Is Anytime Fitness overpriced?

Costs vary by location and membership type, but most Anytime Fitness prices hover around $36.50 per month. Some locations charge as little as $30 per month, while others charge as much as $44 for a single monthly membership (or $39 per month when you sign on for a year).

Can you negotiate gym membership?

Luckily, gym contracts are absolutely negotiable. “Based on my research of gyms and my own experience negotiating with LA Fitness and Planet Fitness, it’s more than possible to bargain for a lower rate or sign-up bonus with a new gym,” says J.R. Duren, a personal finance journalist at

What is the cheapest gym to join?

Five most affordable gym memberships

  1. Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness advertises itself as a gym for people who don’t like gyms, with ads referring to every Planet Fitness location as a “Judgement Free Zone.”
  2. Cardinal Fitness.
  3. Your Local YMCA.
  4. Gold’s Gym.
  5. LA Fitness.

Can you cancel 12 month commitment 24 Hour Fitness?

I have a 12 month commitment plan at 24 Hour Fitness, how can I get out of that plan? – Quora. 50% of that would be $200 and you’re free. I May be wrong, but just call member services or ask to speak with the club manager or sales manager in club. Most gym memberships have a buy out.

How does Buddy Pass work 24 Hour Fitness?

Buddy Passes Bring whomever you like*, whenever you like with the added flexibility of a Buddy Pass. A Buddy Pass allows you to bring the same guest or someone new with you each time you work out at a 24 Hour Fitness location. Add one to your cart when you join online!

Why is Snap Fitness so expensive?

The Snap Fitness cost is based on providing you with exactly what you want, which is why there are so many different types of memberships available. Prices do vary by location, so its best to go in to your local Snap Fitness gym to find out yours. You may be able to get a special discount too, by going in.

Why did Anytime Fitness charge me twice?

If you were charged twice or believe you’ve been charged extra, our billing provider, ABC Financial, can help resolve the issue! Please reach out to their Financial Services line directly at 888-827-9262 for any billing-related questions or concerns.

How can I avoid joining gym fees?


  1. Try out the gym on the day and time you always intend to work out.
  2. You can always negotiate.
  3. The “initiation fee” is almost always negotiable.
  4. Join a day or two before the end of the month.
  5. Pay for your membership in advance.
  6. Canceling can be difficult.
  7. Hack the machines.
  8. Only pay for certified trainers.

What gym has the cheapest membership?

Can you negotiate a gym membership?

Is Planet Fitness really $10 a month?

In addition to the $10 a month membership, Planet Fitness also offers the PF Black Card®* membership which is $19.99 a month and includes the ability to bring a guest every day at no additional charge, access to all 800+ clubs in the Planet Fitness chain, use of massage chairs*, HydroMassage Beds*, tanning*, Total Body …

Can a 10 year old join a gym?

At 10 years old, kids can take classes without an adult directly supervising. Kids 13 and up can use the Strength & Cardio space without an adult, but still must make sure to go through an orientation. Gyms- Kids under 10 can use the gyms with a parent.

Can my 14 year old join a gym?

Most gyms will have some sort of age-restriction (if they’re good gyms), requiring you to workout with a parent or guardian. As long as the 14 year old is mature enough to spend time around adults outside of the gym, they should be mature enough to spend time inside of a gym with them.

Can you get out of a fitness first contract?

You can cancel your agreement during your comfort guarantee period. You have 14 days from the date you start your initial agreement or, with a new club, from its grand opening date. To cancel your membership, please see 3.1.

How does 24 hour buddy pass work?

How much does a 24 Hour Fitness membership cost?

Urban areas carry higher membership fees. 24 Hour Fitness offers 90-day memberships for $50 per month at its nearly 400 gyms on the West Coast. The rates drop to between $37 and $40 a month for a 12-month plan, depending on the location [ 1] . The enrollment fee of $129 is higher than most, and not all of the gyms are open 24 hours.

How to fill out a gym membership contract?

PandaTip: The member will fill out the information on this section of the template prior to signing the membership contract. The undersigned individual (the Member), hereby indicates their desire to become a member of [Sender.Company], pursuant to the terms and conditions of this gym membership agreement.

How much is a refund for FTX CrossFit?

If the member paid $1,500 ($150 x 10 months) in advance for 12 months’ worth of membership, then 6 months would be eligible for a refund. 4.5 months plus 30 days would be 5.5 months, and this would be rounded to 6 months. The 6 months would be worth $750. ½ (half) of this amount would be $375.

How much does it cost to have a gym membership?

For example, if your classes are $25 per session and your average client uses the studio eight times a month, you might want to offer a membership with two visits a week (eight per month) with a 10% discount (8 x $25 x 90%). Following this structure, an eight class per month membership would equate to a $180.