Is Erica Campbell married to?

Is Erica Campbell married to?

Warryn Campbellm. 2001
Erica Campbell/Spouse

Personal life. She is married to Warryn Campbell, with whom she resides in Los Angeles, together with their three children, Krista Nicole, Warryn III, and Zaya Monique.

Who was Erica Campbell engaged to?

Some co-signed her theory largely due to her being married to husband/producer Warryn Campbell for over 20 years.

Did Erica and Tina marry brothers?

Did Erica and Tina marry brothers? Erica is married to producer Warryn Campbell, while Tina is married to musician Teddy Campbell. And no, the two are not brothers or cousins or related in any way.

Who did Leelee Campbell marry?

Lee Campbell and Richard Fredrick Are Married.

Who is the oldest between Tina and Erica?

Trecina Evette “Tina” Campbell (née, Atkins; born May 1, 1974) is an American urban contemporary gospel, Christian R&B and contemporary R&B recording artist and musician. She started her music career in 1998 with her older sister, Erica Campbell, as part of the gospel music group, Mary Mary.

Why is Tina and Erica last name Campbell?

They’re Campbells by coincidence. Erica and Tina were born Erica and Trecina Atkins. It’s strictly coincidence that the two sisters managed to find two unrelated musicians with the same last name and married them. Erica and Warryn have two children; Tina and Teddy have three.

Which Mary Mary husband cheated on her?

Erica Campbell of Mary Mary Gets Candid about Forgiving Her Husband’s Infidelity on ‘the Tamron Hall Show’ Erica Campbell recently opened up about how she forgave her husband, record producer and ordained Minister Warryn Campbell, for cheating on her.

Why are they called Mary Mary?

The group’s name is inspired by two famous Marys from the Bible: Mary, mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene. They also performed at the White House in 2005.

Is the gospel group Mary Mary still together?

Erica Campbell of the now defunct Gospel music group popularly known as ‘Mary Mary’ , has in a recent interview, explained the reason for the break up of the duo which featured her sister Tina Campbell . Watch the full interview below.

When did Mary Mary split up?

In December 2012, the internet began buzzing that Mary Mary was breaking up. Since then, there’s been much speculation about their future and if they would be ending a 12-year career. caught up with the ladies to find out what their plans are.

Who is older Erica or Tina?

What happened to the gospel group Mary Mary?

Mary Mary will not see a Season 7. WE tv said today that its popular docuseries will return September 28 for its sixth and final season. The series, which chronicles the lives of Erica and Tina Campbell, sisters and members of the contemporary gospel group Mary Mary, will wrap with six hourlong episodes.