Is Euro Car Parts trade only?

Is Euro Car Parts trade only?

Euro Car Parts has opened a trade-only website that will run in addition to the consumer site. The entire ECP catalogue is available including mechanical and collision parts, tools and workshop consumables, with each product identified by a photograph.

What are Euro car parts worth?

Ahluwalia was 19 when he bought a struggling auto parts business in London. He sold the company — Euro Car Parts — for £280 million ($375 million) in 2011 after creating thousands of jobs.

Do Euro Car Parts come with warranty?

Euro Car Parts is to offer a lifetime warranty on a range of mechanical parts, including clutch kits, rotating electrics and steering racks. Repairers will be able to purchase cover for the part only or extend the warranty to include labour.

Where are Euro Car Parts?

London , England
Euro Car Parts is a distributor of car parts and accessories, with approx two hundred locations in Europe….Euro Car Parts.

Industry Automotive
Founder Sukhpal Singh Ahluwalia
Headquarters Wembley, London , England
Products Car parts, Car accessories, Car maintenance, In-car technology

How many branches do Euro Car Parts have?

With more than 30 branches nationwide, Euro Car Parts truly becomes the leading national distributor of quality car parts for European marques.

Do brake pads come in pairs Euro Car Parts?

Does the brake discs and pads come single or pairs? All our standard discs are sold individually (Some high-performance discs are sold as a set of two). Our brake pads are sold as a front set or rear set, so purchasing one box will be enough for two discs.

What do Euro Car Parts do?

Euro Car Parts is appointed sole supplier of batteries, car parts and consumables stock to the RAC’s 1,800 patrol vans and wins the coveted Kwik Fit contract for shocks, springs and suspension components.

Who is the CEO of Euro Car Parts?

Andy Hamilton
Andy Hamilton. Chief Executive Officer, Euro Car Parts Ltd.

How long does Euro Car Parts hold click and collect?

30 minutes
Click & Collect is an easy way to check the stock, latest price and reserve products at your local Euro Car Parts store. Click & Collect is available for all products and if in stock at your selected store, items will be available in 30 minutes for collection and held until the end of the next working day.

Who started Euro Car Parts?

Sukhpal Singh Ahluwalia
Euro Car Parts/Founders

How much does it cost to replace a brake pad?

The average brake pad replacement cost is $150 per axle, and can range from $100 per axle up to $300 per axle. There are a few other pieces of hardware that are found in the brake system which might need to be serviced as well, including calipers and rotors, but the most common service will be to replace brake pads.

Who is the owner of Euro Car Parts?

LKQ Corporation
Euro Car Parts is acquired by LKQ Corporation, placing the business at the heart of a global auto parts success story.

What do you need to know about Euro Car Parts?

ABOUT US 1.1. The Goods and Services are provided (and/or promoted as per clause 5 of these Terms) by Euro Car Parts Limited and may also be provided under our other brands (LKQ Coatings, VEGE, LKQ Euro Car Parts), or certain garage equipment Goods and/or Services which may be provided through our Workshop Solutions division (“WS”) (“we/us/our”).

Are You an existing Euro Car Parts trade account holder?

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Who is the parent company of Euro Car Parts?

The company partners with BEN, a charity which helps members of the automotive community struggling with stress, money worries, illness, relationship problems or bereavement. For the first time, Euro Car Parts’ parent company, LKQ Corporation, is named in the prestigious Fortune 500 list.

When did Euro Car Parts open in Dublin?

1M sq. ft. T2 opens after the consolidation of the five central distribution centres into two Tamworth sites (T1 & T2). Both sites became fully operational in 2018. Euro Car Parts opens its first branch in Dublin, Republic Of Ireland.