Is ExpressPetCertify com legit?

Is ExpressPetCertify com legit?

Is ExpressPetCertify Legit? is not a legitimate company. In addition to the red flag mentioned above, the site also does not state that a licensed doctor or LMHP will talk to you during the process, which is necessary for the ESA letter to be valid. The cost of the letters is also a tip-off.

Are ESA letter websites legit?

Are ESA letters from these companies legitimate? Technically speaking, these letters are legitimate. By that, I mean the letters will be signed by a licensed professional, on official letterhead, and they will almost always permit the animal owner to avoid pet restrictions on housing and travel.

How do I know if my ESA letter is legit?

What to Look for in a Legitimate ESA Letter

  1. Your ESA letter should be on the licensed healthcare professional’s official letterhead with their licensing and direct contact information.
  2. Make sure that the professional’s license is in good standing and up to date.

Are there fake ESA letters?

There are also people who do not respect the legitimacy of emotional support animals as an alternative form of treatment for mental and emotional disabilities. As such, there are a number of individuals who fake ESA letters simply for convenience or to scam their way to special treatment for themselves and their pets.

What is the best website for ESA?

Certapet is a great platform for emotional support animals. You can get your letter in under 2 days and the investment comes as little as $1 per day. They will screen your application, then you get a phone call from a professional therapist who can grant you the ESA letter.

Is US Animal Registry legit?

This is a totally SCAM operation. There is no such thing as a ONLINE registry for service animals or emotional support animals.

What is a legit ESA website?

Which airlines are still allowing ESA?

According to ESA Doctors, an organization that serves people with emotional support animals, LATAM Airlines, Volaris and WestJet are the only carriers in the Americas that still allow ESAs in the cabin, although WestJet only allows dogs, and each airline has specific guidelines that must be followed.

Is Waggy legit for ESA?

Waggy ESA. A legitimate business offering online ESA letters must have a physical location where their physicians and therapists work out of. We make this easy to find on our website, and it’s listed under our terms.