Is Florida Debt Relief legitimate?

Is Florida Debt Relief legitimate?

Pacific Debtis an A+ rated Business with the BBB for debt negotiation services to individuals and families struggling with unsecured debt. We have been accredited since 2010 and in business since 2002. We have helped countless FL debt relief residents in Florida struggling to pay their credit card balances.

Can you consolidate debt after bankruptcy?

Debt consolidation depends on your ability to obtain new credit in the form of a loan, credit card or revolving account. If high debts are making bankruptcy a practical consideration, you may no longer be in a position to secure a new loan or card you can use to consolidate your debt.

How long before a debt is written off in Florida?

five years
The statute of limitations for credit card debt in Florida is five years. Credit card debt is based on a written contract between you and the credit card issuer.

Can a debt collector sue you in Florida?

You have a private cause of action if a creditor or debt collector harms you in violation of the FCCPA. This means that you can file a lawsuit in Florida against the collector or creditor. If you win, the court may award to you: actual damages.

Is American debt relief legit?

American Debt Relief is a reputable firm that uses a process known as debt settlement to help consumers negotiate and settle credit card debt. This company boasts excellent user reviews and can help you get started with a free debt assessment.

How long can you legally be chased for a debt in Florida?

In Florida, the statute of limitations on debt is typically five years. This means that once the five-year timeline has expired, creditors can no longer file a lawsuit against the borrower in order to try and recover the debt.

Can you negotiate with National Debt Relief?

Yes, you can negotiate with your creditors yourself and save yourself an extra 18-25% off your debt. (Our fee is 15-25% of the debt amount depending on the state they live in and the amount of debt they have.)