Is it correct to say first or firstly?

Is it correct to say first or firstly?

Even though they are both adverbs, ‘first’ and ‘firstly’ are hardly interchangeable in all situations: we never say “I firstly noticed it yesterday.” One might say “firstly, what are you doing in my home?” or “firstly, I hope you have insurance”—but if you want to avoid criticism, ‘first’ is the best bet for most …

How do you say firstly formally?

first off

  1. first of all.
  2. first thing.
  3. firstly.
  4. foremost.
  5. immediately.
  6. in the first place.
  7. primo.
  8. up front.

Can you start an email with firstly?

Your name appears in the sender field. Sometimes introducing yourself first is OK, but in most cases the best approach is to say what you can do for the recipient (or what you want) first.

How do you use firstly in a sentence?

Firstly it was rather uncanny as the engine drifted past the signalbox almost silently. Her diving career began in 1992, firstly with PADI before crossing over to BSAC, where she spent every possible weekend underwater. Firstly , the rather unseemly mess concerning the means of electing a leader.

How do you start a new paragraph?

Consider the three main ways you can start a new paragraph and add interest to your content.

  1. Starting With Adverbs. Too many adverbs in a sentence leads to hyperbole problems.
  2. Using Words That Aren’t ‘However’ ‘However’ is a very useful word.
  3. Relying On Dependent Clauses.

What type of word is firstly?

First and firstly are both ordinal (or ordering) adverbs that English speakers and writers use to enumerate related points (e.g., first… second… third… or firstly…

What can I write instead of firstly secondly?

Never use “firstly,” “secondly,” “thirdly,” etc. Always use “first,” “second,” “third,” and so on. Yes, you can use “First of all” (although just “First” would be better), then continue with “Second,” then “Third,” and so on.

Is firstly a formal word?

You can use either first or firstly as an adverb to introduce a statement that is the first in a series of statements. The use of firstly is more formal. Similarly, you can also use second, third, etc. instead of secondly, thirdly, etc. to refer to further points or statements.

What type of words are firstly secondly?


First / Firstly Second / Secondly Third / Thirdly
Next / Then Last / Lastly Finally
Additionally Also Besides

Can I say firstly and secondly?

You should use first, second, and third to show textual enumerations in your writing. Many authorities prefer first, not firstly, even when the remaining items or points are introduced with secondly and thirdly. Example: First, through practice you will develop a better style.

When should I start a new paragraph?

You should start a new paragraph when:

  • When you begin a new idea or point. New ideas should always start in new paragraphs.
  • To contrast information or ideas.
  • When your readers need a pause.
  • When you are ending your introduction or starting your conclusion.

    What words can I use to start a new paragraph?

    Linking words and phrases weave sentences together to create a cohesive paragraph….Sequence.

    First, firstly, second, third, thirdly next, last finally
    in addition, moreover furthermore
    also In conclusion, to summarise
    The first… The/a second
    One… Another…