Is it illegal to possess marijuana seeds Australia?

Is it illegal to possess marijuana seeds Australia?

Buying or having cannabis seeds is illegal in Australia. However, with many changes relating to cannabis over recent years, legalization is not that far from reality. Currently legal only for medical purposes, minor cannabis offenses are however brought to a minimum level, generally with just a fine.

What happens if you get caught with marijuana plant?

In NSW, the maximum sentence for growing 200 or more hydroponic plants is 20 years’ jail. Growing 50 to 199 hydroponic plants will attract a maximum 15-year prison sentence and/or $385,000 fine.

Are seeds illegal in Australia?

Whether you’re an Australian resident or simply a traveler to the country, growing and possessing cannabis seeds for recreational purposes is still federally illegal in Australia.

Does a caution go on your record NSW?

Will formal cautions show up on my criminal record? If a caution is given to you, the police officer must record it. This will appear on your ‘court alternatives history’ and may be seen by the Children’s Court if it deals with you for further offences.

How long does MSNL take to ship?

Items should be delivered within 15 working days, although 4-7 days is the usual delivery time. Outside the EU, items are sent using Royal Mail international mail, Signed for International or International Tracked. Packages sent worldwide can take up to 25 working days, but they usually arrive within 6-12 days.

How long does it take to get seeds from ILGM?

Once your order has shipped, it usually takes between 1 and 5 weeks for your order to arrive. The average shipping time is 2 weeks.

What do NSW police say when arresting someone?

A person has a general right to remain to silent after being arrested in NSW. The law requires the police to inform the arrested person that they do not have to say or do anything in response to questioning and that anything they say or do may be used in court.

How long does it take to get seeds from MSNL seeds?

12 days
MSNL seeds can take up to 12 days to arrive at your given address. However, this may become faster depending on where you are located. You can also add a small payment if you want your order to prioritize shipping.