Is it wrong for me to get mad when my girlfriend drinks alcohol?

Is it wrong for me to get mad when my girlfriend drinks alcohol?

Yes, it is wrong. If you don’t want to date a drinker, then don’t, but don’t get mad at a drinker you have chosen to spend time with for doing the thing that makes her a drinker. You don’t get to demand behaviors of people, all you get to do is decide who you will spend your time with.

Does alcohol make heartbreak worse?

When our relationships aren’t going well, or we are dealing with the fall-out from a break-up, we often feel an uneasy combination of things like fear, sadness, grief, anxiety, anger, frustration and loneliness. However, alcohol is also a depressant that can amplify those original feelings.

What do you do when your girlfriend is too drunk?


  1. give them water, gently encourage them to drink as much of it as possible.
  2. encourage them to eat bread or something else with carbs.
  3. make sure they’re near a toilet or puke bowl.
  4. hold back their hair if they puke.
  5. be reassuring, remind them that they’ll get through it and feel better soon.

Why does my girlfriend getting drunk bother me?

When someone is drinking, their mind and emotions are affected. For some people, this is their way to relax. Others however, don’t know when to stop, and when that happens, their behavior can be particularly troubling to a BF or GF – especially if they aren’t drinking along with them.

Can alcohol heal a broken heart?

The research team concluded that alcohol became a compensatory reward for the unrequited physical desire of the rejected male flies. Perhaps the alcohol did soothe their loneliness and help mend their broken hearts!

Does drinking help with breakups?

Amsellem says alcohol isn’t necessarily a bad way to cope, you just have to be more aware of your actions. “Drinking [after a breakup] can increase your chances of doing things you might not want to do, whether it’s calling your ex, engaging in risky sexual behaviors or getting into a fight,” she says.

How can you tell when a girl is drunk?

How to Tell if Someone is Drunk

  1. Feeling of well-being and relaxation.
  2. Lower inhibitions (doing or saying things you otherwise would not.)
  3. Sensation of warmth.
  4. Lowering of caution.
  5. Loss of fine motor coordination.
  6. Inability to drive a car or do complex tasks.
  7. Slurred speech; too-loud or too-fast speech.

What should I ask my drunk girlfriend?

Questions to ask drunk people

  • Who’s the most scandalous person you’ve had s*x with?
  • What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done while drunk?
  • What’s the closest you’ve ever come to cheating?
  • What’s the biggest age difference you’ve had between yourself and a sexual partner?

How do you not argue when drunk?

Here are some tips for overcoming drunk arguments with friends or loved ones:

  1. Say, “I’ll keep what you’re saying in mind, and we’ll talk tomorrow.”
  2. Agree to disagree until later on—but don’t leave the discussion open-ended.
  3. Keep your composure.

Why do people drink when they are heartbroken?

The thinking and reliving the scenario and relationship can be so intense that it may be hard to sleep. Many people turn to drinking because they want to relax and rest. As a system depressant, alcohol does slow down nervous system functioning and induce drowsiness at a point.

Why do guys get drunk after a breakup?

#2: Drinking Often, after a breakup, he will set out to drown his sorrows by drinking it up with the boys. Don’t forget alcohol is a depressant and although getting drunk might get you to bed a little earlier, it’s not going to help rouse from your crash the next day.

What questions do drunk people ask?