Is La Patrie a good guitar?

Is La Patrie a good guitar?

Even in serious online forums for guitar, the La Patrie (as it is mostly known) models are highly respected for their tone, build quality and playability while being affordable….Godin Etude.

Godin Etude
Top Solid Cedar Top
Back and Sides Canadian Wild Cherry
Neck Mahogany
Fingerboard Rosewood

What happened to La Patrie guitars?

Canadian nylon-string acoustic guitar builder La Patrie – one of five acoustic brands under the Godin banner, which also includes Seagull, Norman, Simon & Patrick, and Art & Lutherie – has been rebranded under the Godin name, with the company introducing a new line of classical models as the Godin Nylon Series.

Where are Kremona guitars made?

The Kremona workshop in Bulgaria has been making stringed instruments since 1924, supplying musicians throughout the world. The Classical Guitar Store is happy to be able to present these fine, affordable guitars..

What does the La Patrie mean?

La patrie is french word used for fatherland. The ideas of la patrie (the fatherland) and le citoyen (the citizen) emphasized the notion of a united community enjoying equal rights under a constitution.It was initiated by French revolutionaries to create a collective belonging among the country men.

What does La Patrie and Le Citoyen States?

The idea of la Patrie (the fatherland) and le citoyen (the citizen) in the French Revolution signify that community should enjoy equal rights under the constitution of the country and this created the sense of collective identity among the French People.

Is Kremona a good brand?

Featuring premium tone woods, high quality craftsmanship, and premium components, Kremona Guitars are impressively appointed, professional quality instruments that are surprisingly affordable.

Are Alhambra guitars any good?

Today Alhambra Guitars enjoy a reputation for outstanding quality, design and sonority. They sell their instruments in 40 countries all over the world.

Do classical guitars get better with age?

Classical guitars get better with age when they are made of quality wood and have been well-cared-for. They sound better because, as the wood ages, its natural properties change, and it becomes dryer, lighter, and more resonant.

What does the La partie mean?

La partie means fatherland.