Is MovieStarPlanet safe for 10 year olds?

Is MovieStarPlanet safe for 10 year olds?

The website explains that “MovieStarPlanet is a safe, creative, and social online playground for children.” – MovieStarPlanet forum. MovieStarPlanet is hazard towards your children.

What is the age limit for MovieStarPlanet?

Age requirement MovieStarPlanet is a site primarily aimed at children aged 8-15 years. As part of MovieStarPlanet’s child safeguarding policy, they do not condone the use of the site by adults (those over 18 years), except for parents or those with a professional interest.

How do you play MovieStarPlanet without downloading?

Next time you want to play MovieStarPlanet again, just double click the icon at your desktop. There is no need to download it again, or start browsers and activate Flash.

How old is Pumpchkin?

90 year old man
She is a 90 year old man.

Did Pumpchkin delete her account?

She has been inactive for several years, although hackers have been able to access her account for nefarious reasons, eventually leading to her account’s deletion in May 2020.

What to do if MSP is not loading?

Try the following steps:

  1. Delete the MovieStarPlanet app from your smartphone or tablet – don’t worry, your account will be safe and sound once you log back in.
  2. If needed, update your device to the latest version of iOS or Android.
  3. Install the MovieStarPlanet app again.

Why can’t I log into MovieStarPlanet?

Your account is probably safe and sound. Please make sure you’re trying to connect to the right domain. MovieStarPlanet has different domains for each country, each in its own language. To connect to US, please go to on the computer or select the correct flag on the app.

Who is the owner of MovieStarPlanet?

Claus Lykke Jensen
MovieStarPlanet has named Christoffer Feilberg as its Chief Operational Officer, reporting to founder and CEO Claus Lykke Jensen.