Is Near a girl or boy?

Is Near a girl or boy?

Despite being named Near, the character was credited as “BOY” in the film’s ending credits. Similarly, there was nothing known about Near’s birth name in the film. In the anime adaptation, Near is voiced by Noriko Hidaka in Japanese and by Cathy Weseluck in the English version.

Is Near dead in Death Note?

So, for starters, Near did not die in Death Note. Yes, it is true that he is very much alive and becomes the third L at the end of the series. L played with a lot of danger and died because his face and name got exposed. But unlike L, near was smart and lived under a cover of L.

How old is Near after Timeskip?

During the first chapter, it is four years after the end of the main series’ manga. With a two-year time skip before the next chapter Near is around 26 years old at the end of all current stories set in the world of Death Note.

When was Near born?

August 24, 1994
Near (Our Truths)

Debut Death Note: OT “Cravings” Chapter 1
Birthday August 24, 1994
Deathdate None, yet
Also known as Near, N, L,

What was l IQ?

So to answer your question, L’s IQ is between 165–185 , I personally believe it is 180.

What kind of Guy is near in Death Note?

After making contact with ” L ” ( Light Yagami ), Near begins to suspect that he is also Kira. Near is a young, slender, fair-skinned man with a petite build, gray eyes, and short, shaggy platinum blonde hair which he often plays with.

Is there a wiki for the Death Note?

Welcome to Death Note Wiki Welcome to Death Note Wiki, the fan-operated site for the series Death Note! We are currently editing 610 articles and 5,732 files, and you can help! Death Note Wiki reveals plot details and spoilers about the series!

What does near’s Smile mean in Death Note?

Unbeknownst to Light, Near’s smile during his direct confrontation with Light was used to indicate that he was able to see Ryuk and thus prove to himself that Light was Kira. A Near Nendoroid petite. Near was one of the Death Note characters made into Nendoroid figures, but he was only made into a Nendoroid petite.

Who is near in the Death Note manga?

Near is male in the manga, whereas Near’s gender is canonically ambiguous in the drama. Mello is a separate character in the manga who is a rival to Near, but in the drama, his name is used for an alternate personality to Near. Near uses the alias “N” in the manga, but uses the alias “B” in the drama.