Is non essential travel allowed in Alberta?

Is non essential travel allowed in Alberta?

The Government of Alberta currently imposes no additional travel restrictions upon international travellers to Alberta. Travel exemptions (including Industry Travel Exemptions) from the provincial government are no longer required.

How do I file a complaint against a nonprofit organization in Alberta?

Service Alberta investigates complaints from Albertans about consumer transactions, including landlord and tenant issues. The first step in the complaint process is to talk with an Information Officer at 780-427-4088 in Edmonton and toll free at 1-877-427-4088 throughout the rest of the province.

How many non profits are in Alberta?

The non-profit/voluntary sector touches virtually all aspects of community life in Alberta. The sector consists of over 26,200 charities and non-profit organizations, including groups such as: community associations.

Can you go for a walk with someone in Alberta?

Mandatory restrictions Avoid close contact with people in your household, especially seniors and people with chronic conditions or compromised immune systems. Do not take public transportation like buses, taxis or ride-sharing – this is prohibited. Do not go outside for a walk through your neighbourhood or park.

How do I start a nonprofit organization in Alberta?

How to apply

  1. Choose a name. A non-profit organization’s name consists of 3 elements:
  2. Get an Alberta NUANS report.
  3. Prepare a Memorandum of Association.
  4. Create Articles of Association.
  5. Record your company’s address.
  6. Appoint or elect directors.
  7. Appoint an agent for service.
  8. Complete a service request.

Is Alberta Healthcare a nonprofit organization?

The Alberta Health Services, which was established on May 15, 2008, is a quasi-independent agency of the Alberta government with a mandate to public health services throughout the province under the Ministry of Health.

What is considered an outbreak in Alberta?

An outbreak is a sudden and/or unexpected rise in the number of cases of a disease. The Government of Alberta has outbreak information available on its website. Multiple cases in a workplace may lead to declaration of an outbreak (five or more cases).