Is safe standing allowed in England?

Is safe standing allowed in England?

Premier League and Championship clubs allowed to trial safe standing in stadiums this season. Clubs in the Premier League and Championship will be able to offer licensed standing areas in their stadiums from January 1 next year as part of a pilot programme.

Is safe standing allowed in the Premier League?

Safe standing to be allowed in Premier League and Championship this season. Fans will be allowed to stand in selected Premier League and Championship stadiums this season for the first time in more than 25 years.

What are safe standing rail seats?

Safe standing is a measure of design in stadia to ensure that spectators are able to stand safely during events. It is important in the context of association football in the United Kingdom, where a series of fatal incidents led to legislation requiring major clubs to develop all-seater stadiums during the 1990s.

Why do fans want safe standing?

Safe standing could, the report argues, increase capacity and widen the ticket prices on offer, leaving fewer fans missing out of the big games and improving access for lower income fans.

Will safe standing increase capacity?

A recent trial showed that safe standing areas are effective. Teams will not be able to increase capacity at their grounds but fans who want to stand during games will be able to do so safely. The standing areas will have rails in behind and rails in front where seats would typically be.

Do wolves have safe standing?

Wolves have applied to take part in a safe-standing trial due to start on January 1. The programme, which will allow those clubs whose applications are successful to offer a licensed safe standing area, was announced last month by the Sports Grounds Safety Authority.

What is a football terrace?

A terrace or terracing in sporting terms refers to the standing area of a sports stadium, particularly in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. It is a series of concrete steps, with intermittent safety barriers installed at specific locations to prevent an excessive movement of people down its slope.

What are rail seats?

The most common form is rail seating. This consists of folding seats incorporated into robust metal frame that forms a waist-high rail for the spectators in the row behind. Seats can be locked down when the event requires seating, or locked up when spectators are allowed to stand in that space.

What are barrier seats?

Barrier is the water, dirt and mud resistant seating solution that can be applied to a range of Phoenix seating collections. Offering a protective layer against from water, mud or other liquids, Barrier is a durable, water resistant PVC material that is added to the upholstery of your seat.

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Is Tottenham safe standing?

Tottenham’s new stadium has “safe seating” which has been “future-proofed” for the potential introduction of standing, while Wolves installed rail seating at their Molineux ground in the summer.