Is sodium phenoxide and sodium Phenate same?

Is sodium phenoxide and sodium Phenate same?

Sodium phenoxide (sodium phenolate) is an organic compound with the formula NaOC6H5. It is a white crystalline solid. Its anion, phenoxide, also known as phenolate, is the conjugate base of phenol….Sodium phenoxide.

Chemical formula C6H5NaO
Molar mass 116.09 g/mol
Appearance White solid

Is C6H5ONa an acid or base?

Sodium phenolate (C6H5ONa) is a sodium salt of phenol, therefore we know that it is a weak base.

How do you make sodium phenolate?

Dissolve 70 g of phenol in 15 ml of ethanol, add 20 ml of acetone, and dilute the solution with ethanol to 100 ml. Sodium phenolate solution. Immediately before use, mix 10 ml of the phenol–acetone solution with 10 ml of 30% aqueous NaOH solution, and dilute with water to 50 ml.

Is sodium phenoxide toxic?

A strong skin and tissue irritant; [Hawley] Causes spastic paralysis and seizures in subcutaneous lethal-dose testing of mice; [RTECS] Forms corrosive solution in air–highly irritating to skin and eyes; [CAMEO] Toxic by ingestion; >4.8 grams is lethal dose; [HSDB] A corrosive substance that can cause injury to the …

What happens when phenol reacts with Naoh?

Phenol reacts with sodium hydroxide solution to give a colourless solution containing sodium phenoxide. In this reaction, the hydrogen ion has been removed by the strongly basic hydroxide ion in the sodium hydroxide solution.

What is the PH of sodium phenoxide?

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Is phenol a base or acid?

Phenol is a weak acid. In aqueous solution in the pH range ca. 8 – 12 it is in equilibrium with the phenolate anion C6H5O− (also called phenoxide):

What is the pH of sodium phenoxide?

Is sodium phenoxide soluble in water?


Sensitivity Air Sensitive
Solubility Information Very soluble in water,soluble in alcoholSoluble in water,acetone and alcohol.
Formula Weight 116.09
Percent Purity 98%
Chemical Name or Material Sodium phenoxide

What type of reaction is phenol NaOH?

This reaction is an exothermic one. Also reaction of phenol and NaOH is a neutralization enthalpy. But standard enthalpy of neutralization is lower than strong acid – strong base reaction because phenol absorb energy to break its O-H bond.

What chemicals can react with phenol?

Phenol is a good nucleophile, meaning it likes to donate electrons, and therefore can form a chemical bond in reactions. Phenol can react with acetyl chloride and acetic anhydride to form esters. Esters are when one or more OH (hydroxyl) groups are replaced by an O-alkyl (alkoxy) group.

What is the formula of sodium phenoxide?

Sodium phenoxide/Formula

Which is more stable sodium hypochlorite or NaOCl?

Stability of the solid. It is a white solid with the orthorombic crystal structure. Sodium hypochlorite can also be obtained as a crystalline pentahydrate NaOCl ·5 H 2O, which is not explosive and is much more stable than the anhydrous compound. The formula is sometimes given as 2 NaOCl ·10 H 2O.

Where can I get a sodium hypochlorite safety manual?

These documents can be downloaded free of charge. If you produce or use sodium hypochlorite, CI strongly suggests that you also consider obtaining Pamhplet 96, Sodium Hypochlorite Manual and the Handling of Sodium Hypochlorite Safety Video. These products can be ordered on this website in the CI Bookstore.

How is sodium hypochlorite used in chemical warfare?

At the various nerve agent (chemical warfare nerve gas) destruction facilities throughout the United States, 50% sodium hypochlorite is used to remove all traces of nerve agent or blister agent from Personal Protection Equipment after an entry is made by personnel into toxic areas.

What can sodium hypochlorite soln be used for?

For surgical purposes, diluted sodium hypochlorite soln is used; it contains 0.45 to 0.5% sodium hypochlorite and it may be further diluted 1:3. It is used to loosen and help dissolve and deodorize necrotic tissue.