Is the BMW R1200C reliable?

Is the BMW R1200C reliable?

Reliability & build quality The R1200C’s story is the same as so many BMWs – better than most motorcycles but still not perfect. Some early bikes had patchy finish – chrome, especially on spoked wheels proved to be of variable quality. BMW dealers are excellent though and most problems get sorted.

What BMW motorcycle was used in tomorrow never dies?

BMW first released the R1200C with an advance promotional placement of the motorcycle in the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies. The R1200C was one of four BMW motorcycles in The Art of the Motorcycle exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York City in 1998.

What motorcycle does James Bond ride in Tomorrow Never Dies?

BMW R 1200 C motorcycle
The BMW R 1200 C motorcycle plays a big part in an action packed chase scene in Tomorrow Never Dies. The BMW was stolen by Bond, and used in the chase sequence through the streets of Saigon, Vietnam, ridden by both James Bond and Wai Lin, a Chinese secret agent.

What kind of bike was the 1998 BMW R1200C?

1998 BMW R1200C Black and Chrome Cruiser. Custom Pipes, Custom Lights, Custom Seats, Custom Saddle Bags and Custom Tool Bag. Every piece of Chrome that BMW came out with for this bike was bought and put on it.

Is the BMW 1200C considered a Motorcycle Cruiser?

Because it is so different than other cruiser motorcycles, some people don’t believe that the 1200C actually fits into the cruiser phylum. That’s only true if you believe that a cruiser must have a V-twin engine and traditional American styling.

When did the BMW 1200C first come out?

Everything considered, the 1200C couldn’t be anything but a cruiser. This article was originally published in the August 1998 issue of Motorcycle Cruiser.

Who is the designer of the BMW R1200C?

The BMW R1200C was a cruiser motorcycle manufactured by BMW Motorrad from 1997 to 2004. BMW manufactured 40,218 units total. The R1200C was designed by BMW head designer David Robb.