Is WageWorks now HealthEquity?

Is WageWorks now HealthEquity?

HealthEquity and WageWorks officially became one company August 30,2019. Although the deal is done, you will not see any disruption or changes in your service in the near term.

Who owns WageWorks?

WageWorks, Inc./Parent organizations

What companies use WageWorks?

Who uses Wageworks?

Company Website Country
Coca-Cola Company United States
Community Health Systems Inc United States

Is COBRA a WageWorks?

WageWorks has been engaged by you to provide certain COBRA administration services in connection with your Plan(s). Provide each Qualified Beneficiary with a COBRA Qualification Event notice and enrollment form packet after receipt of notification from you that a Qualifying Event has occurred.

Can you get WageWorks money back?

WageWorks cannot provide refunds for their products. WageWorks cannot provide refunds for their products. A payment made to your Vanpool provider. Please contact your vanpool provider for possible credit and we will credit your account for any funds returned to us by the provider.

Why did I receive a WageWorks card?

In most cases, you automatically receive a WageWorks Healthcare Card when you sign up for one or more of these WageWorks healthcare benefit accounts: WageWorks Healthcare Flexible Spending Account.

What happened to WageWorks?

(“WageWorks”) (NYSE: WAGE), a leader in Health Savings Accounts and other Consumer-Directed Benefits, today announced that its stockholders voted to adopt the agreement pursuant to which WageWorks would be acquired as a wholly-owned subsidiary of HealthEquity, Inc.

How many employees does WageWorks have?

Company Growth (employees)

Employees (est.) (Dec 2018) 1,955
Website Visits (Apr 2021) 1.6 m
Revenue (FY, 2018) $472.2 M
Share Price (Sept 2019) $51.3
Cybersecurity rating A

Can I use my WageWorks card at Walmart?

You can use your WageWorks® Healthcare Card at the doctor, pharmacy, optician, and most general merchandise stores.

How do I apply for COBRA WageWorks?

Here’s how you do it.

  1. Step 1: Visit the WageWorks website. Click here or navigate to and then to Employee Registration.
  2. Step 2: Register Your Account.
  3. Step 3: Follow the Prompts to Create Your Profile. Eligible Expenses.

How do I pay COBRA WageWorks premium?

Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Log into your WageWorks account.
  2. If this your first time logging into your WageWorks account, be sure to first register for your WageWorks account.
  3. Click on Submit Receipt Or Claim.
  4. Select the Pay My Provider option.
  5. Select the WageWorks account that should pay your provider.

Can I use my WageWorks card for gas?

You may use your WageWorks Commuter Transit Account to pay for commuting to and from work using public transportation. You may not use your account to pay for: Fuel, mileage, or other costs you incur in operating a vehicle. Payments to a fellow participant in a carpool or to a friend who drives you to work.

How does WageWorks pay back work?

Pay Me Back. You can have funds deposited directly into your bank account or a check mailed to reimburse you for eligible parking expenses you’ve already paid. Depending on your employer’s plan, you may use the convenient WageWorks Commuter Parking Card to pay for eligible parking expenses directly from your account.

Can I use my WageWorks card at ATM?

Please note that you can’t use your Commuter Card at ATMs or to receive cash back at merchants.

Can I get my WageWorks money back?

Can you withdraw money from WageWorks?

You can withdraw funds directly from your HSA to pay for eligible expenses. This option works just like an ATM, but without the ATM fees. You may also have HSA funds directly deposited into your bank account or a check mailed to you.

Where is WageWorks located?

San Mateo
About WageWorks WageWorks is headquartered in San Mateo, California, with offices in major locations throughout the United States. For more information, visit

What can I spend my WageWorks card on?

You can use your WageWorks® Healthcare Card at the doctor, pharmacy, optician, and most general merchandise stores. The card transactions are usually verified automatically.

What does my WageWorks card cover?

Use your prepaid WageWorks Healthcare Card to pay for healthcare products and services, such as your doctor’s appointments or co-pays, prescriptions, eyeglasses, and contact lenses.

How do I set up a WageWorks account?