Were Nephilim real?

Were Nephilim real?

nephilim real or hoax. Dr. Kluane Spake. The Internet is inundated with pictures of gigantic human being skeletons allegedly found in Greece and various other places. After all, there are frequent references to “giants” in translations of the Old Testament.

Is the skeleton of a giant a hoax?

Here the skeleton is held up as evidence of giants mentioned in Islamic, rather than Hindu, scriptures. Web sites dedicated to debunking urban legends and “netlore” picked up on the various giant hoaxes soon after they first appeared.

Are there any giant human skeletons from Greece?

Usually the notes attached to the pictures have mentioned this as proof of the ‘giants’ (ha-nephilim) of Genesis 6:4 and/or the Philistine champion, Goliath (1 Sam. 17:4). ‘Is there any truth to this rumor?’

Where was the photo of the giant skeleton taken?

In a 2007 article, National Geographic offered an account from the creator of a similar “ giant skeleton ” hoax photograph: IronKite started with an aerial photo of a mastodon excavation in Hyde Park, New York, in 2000. He then digitally superimposed a human skeleton over the beast’s remains.