What are common swear words in Spanish?

What are common swear words in Spanish?

15 Best Spanish Swear Words. Here’s a round up of the top swear words most frequently used in Spain.

  • Joder! Pronunciation: hho-derr!
  • Mierda! Pronunciation: mi-ehrr-da.
  • Gilipollas. Pronunciation: hee-li-pohhh-yas.
  • Qué Cabrón! Pronunciation: kehh kah bron.
  • Los cojones!
  • Me cago en todo lo que se menea!
  • Me cago en dios!
  • Have the balls to say meaning?

    If you say that someone has balls, you mean that they have courage. To work on this show you’ve got to have balls. I never had the balls to do anything like this. You can say ‘balls’ or say that what someone says is balls when you think that it is stupid or wrong.

    What does Balls mean in British slang?

    (uncountable, Britain, vulgar, colloquial) Rubbish, nonsense. That’s a load of balls.

    Can You give me some Spanish swear words?


  • Nobodies
  • Energúmeno – Madman
  • Cabeza de pinga – Dickhead
  • Huevón – Jerk
  • Malasangre – Bad blood
  • Cizañero – Shit-stirrer
  • Entrometido – Nosy
  • Malparido – Bastard
  • Mierda – Bullshit
  • What are some dirty phrases in Spanish?

    Ni de coña Literal translation: Not even joking Use: No way When someone dares you to do something that you’d never do, this is the perfect one to use. Me cago en tus Muertos Literal translation: I shit on thy dead Use: Up yours / Go to hell Looking for the perfect way to express extreme anger towards ¿Qué coño?

    What are all the cuss words on Spanish?

    not only in the Spanish language but in English as well.

  • “Mierda” – Shit.
  • “La Hostia” – “Holy Fuck or The Host”.
  • “Pollas en Vinagre” – “Cocks in Vinegar”.
  • “Que te Den” – “Fuck Off!”.
  • “Hijo de Puta” – “Son of A Bitch!”.
  • “Pinche” – “Fucking”.
  • “Que te Jodan” – “Fuck You!”.