What are good words that start with J?

What are good words that start with J?

Words Beginning With J That Have 6 or More Letters

Word Definition
jovial (adj.) playful and full of good humor
joyful (adj.) happy, exhibiting joy
joyride (n.) a ride for pleasure
jubilant (adj.) showing great elation or rejoicing

What are words starting with J?

6 letter words that start with J

  • jabbed.
  • jabber.
  • jabiru.
  • jabots.
  • jacals.
  • jacana.
  • jackal.
  • jacked.

What are some cool j words?

35 Joyous J Words To Jazz Up Your Vocabulary

  • JABBLE. An old Scots word meaning “to shake liquid around in a container.”
  • JACK-AT-A-PINCH. Seventeenth century slang for someone (originally, a clergyman) called in as a replacement at the very last moment.
  • JADOO.

What is a verb that starts with J?

English Verbs Starting with J

Verb Simple Past Past Participle
to jabber jabbered jabbered
to jack jacked jacked
to jag jagged jagged
to jam jammed jammed

How do you describe someone with the letter J?

Not to worry, we can in the list below.

  • jobless – unemployed.
  • jocose – humorous; joking.
  • jocular – full of fun; marked by joking or humor.
  • jocund – cheerful; in high spirits.
  • jointed – having areas joined together.
  • joking – humorous.
  • jolly – happy.
  • jovial – joyful and playful.

What does letter J mean?

J. Joule (unit of energy)

What attitude starts with letter J?

What is a adjective that starts with J?

Adjectives That Start With J

  • Jarring.
  • Jeering.
  • Jinxed.
  • Joyous.
  • Judicious.
  • Jovial.
  • Jesting.

What is a adjective for J?

jolly – happy. jovial – joyful and playful. joyful – great pleasure or happiness. jubilant – triumphant or exulting shouts. judgemental – critical of others.

What is a positive adjective that starts with J?

Positive Adjectives That Start with J to Describe a Person

  • Jolly. Definition: laughing or joyful.
  • Jaunty. Definition: lively, full of excitement.
  • Jovial. Definition: being happy or joyful.
  • Jocose. Definition: cheerful or humorous.
  • Jammy. Definition: having good luck or fortune.
  • Jestful.
  • Jowly.
  • Jocular.

What is the spiritual meaning of J?

J – This is the letter of ruthless ambition. First letter — There is likely to be a certain spiritual, metaphysical, or philosophical approach to life. Seek liberty and justice for all. The more the curved loop in your letter “j” the more important you will become in your life.

Why was the letter J invented?

Originally a Phoenician pictogram representing a leg with a hand, and denoting a sound similar to the Y in “yes,” I was later adopted by Semitic groups to describe the word “arm” which, in Semitic languages, began with a J (also possessing the same Y sound as in “yes”).

What are some good words that start with the letter J?

jaunt (n.) jazz (n.) jest (n.) jewel (n.) jig (v.) join (v.) joke (v.) joss (n.) joy (n.) jumbo (n.) While short words can be a jim-dandy, you can find good words that start with J by adding a few more letters. Peruse J words that have six or more letters.

Are there any words with the letter j in Scrabble?

The letter J is worth a cool 10 points in both Words With Friends® and Scrabble®. So, it’s in your best interest to know how to play it for the most points possible. If you can’t play words ending in J, JOCKEY for position and INTERJECT other Scrabble words with J anywhere you can.

What is the sentence Jennifer is enjoying her new semester?

In the sentence “Jennifer is enjoying her new semester,” “is” is the helping verb to the main (action) verb “enjoying.” We also have linking verbs. These verbs don’t describe any action.