What are the rights of a society member?

What are the rights of a society member?

Being a member you are free to inspect and also at free of cost the society’s books of accounts during the hours mentioned in the bye-laws. The rights of the members are to view the annual balance sheet, profit and loss account and all the books in which transactions of the societies are mentioned.

Who is the member of the society?

The membership of the society shall consist of (i) Members, including associate members and (ii) nominal members. (4) the State Government or the Central Government; (5) a local authority; (6) a public trust registered under any law for the time being in force for the registration of such trusts.

How do you file a case against society?

The member should submit a written complaint explaining the dispute/complaint in full detail to any office-bearer of the society. In the next committee (after the complaint is received), the Managing Committee reviews the complaint, takes a decision and communicates it to the member within 15 days.

Can housing society refuse membership?

If the society does a background check and finds that you have a criminal history and have exhibited sketchy and suspicious conduct, they may refuse membership. Some societies have been taken to the court by applicants when they have denied membership due to their religious beliefs or caste/community discrimination.

Can I buy two flats in same society?

No, says the supreme court: it’s one flat, one vote. The multi-flat family problem has cropped up in scores of housing societies throughout India where different wings of a family purchase independent flats in the same building. This allows them the privacy of a nuclear family and the support of a joint family.

How do you take legal action against society?

You can make a complaint to Registrar.. The Registrar will send a show cause notice to Chairman and Secretary of your society.. Follow up at Registrar office should be carried out from time to time. Can be done by urself without any help of professional.

Where do I file a case against RWA?

Where to file a complaint? If the builder or RWA is not maintaining the society despite receiving maintenance charges or not listening to your complaints then you can file a complaint with the district consumer forum.

What happens if society does not give NOC?

If society refuses to give NOC member can approach dy registrar, coop court and consumer court. No society can’t refuse to issue the NOC. Move the court. Society is the owners association to proper maintain of building , they have no right to raise objection for transfer of property.

What are the voting rights of the members in a cooperative society?

Vote of members. Where the Government is a member of the co-operative Society, each person nominated by the Government on the committee shall have one vote. A member in default of any sum due from him to the society shall not be eligible to exercise his right to vote.

What are the powers of Society chairman?

The Chairman of the society shall have the power of overall superintendence, control and guidance in respect of management of the affairs of the Society, within the frame-work of the MCS Act. 1960, MCS Rules, 1961 the rules and the bye-laws of the society.

What is the role of chairman in Housing Society?

Chairman is responsible for the overall supervision of the society. Chairman is responsible for keeping a tab on the smooth and hassle-free functioning of the society. In case of any mishappenings or miscreants, Chairman is the one answerable to the entire society and take up every responsibility born out of that.