What Circuit Court is Brevard County FL?

What Circuit Court is Brevard County FL?

Florida Eighteenth Circuit Court
The Florida Eighteenth Circuit Court is one of twenty circuit courts in Florida. It is a trial court of general jurisdiction presiding over Brevard and Seminole counties.

Are Brevard County courts open to the public?

Our courts are open to administer justice; to preserve public safety, and resolving public health issues on an expedited basis. For these reasons, we continue to handle all essential and emergency matters. By postponing nonessential court proceedings, we have significantly reduced public traffic to our courthouses.

How do I get a copy of my property survey in Brevard County Florida?

To make a request, please contact the Clerk’s office by mail at P.O. Box 2767, Titusville, Florida 32781-2767, by facsimile at (321) 264-5246, email at fs119exemptionre[email protected], or by visiting one of our branch offices.

How many courts are in the state of Florida?

The Florida court system is comprised of the Supreme Court, five district courts of appeal, 20 circuit courts and 67 county courts. Each layer of the Florida judicial system has a distinct role in providing justice to all Floridians.

What does Calendar Call mean in court?

Calendar call is a pre-trial meeting that is held by a judge with the attorneys of both the parties in a case to schedule a date for trial or hearing, and to arrange some other pre-trial details. Calendar calls are a standard legal procedure for almost all court cases and are particularly important in criminal cases.

What does reopen disposed mean?

So, when a case has been disposed after a trial has taken place and a verdict rendered, the exact same case cannot be reopened, or the same charges filed a second time.

How do I look up a deed in Florida?

Perform a Deed Search and Get a Copy of Your Deed For Free! Each Florida County has a free search engine for public records. Below you can find links to each county’s search engine. There are many ways to look up the deed on the county’s website. You can search by “Name” of Grantor or Grantee.

What is a warranty deed in Florida?

A deed transferring title to real property from a grantor to a grantee. In Florida, a warranty deed (also called a general warranty deed) provides the grantee with broad warranties and covenants of title and is the customary form of deed used in residential real property transactions.

Where is the 13th Circuit Court in Florida?

Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida. The Thirteenth Judicial Circuit Court of Florida serves Hillsborough County . The main location of the 13th Judicial Circuit is at 800 East Twiggs Street, Tampa, Florida 33602.

Where is Moore Justice Center?

2825 Judge Fran Jamieson Way. Melbourne, FL 32940. (321) 690-6823. The Moore Justice Center is home to Brevard County’s largest and main courthouse where both Civil and Criminal cases are tried. The building was constructed in 1994 and there are 16 courtrooms in this 4-story modern building.

What is county court records?

A county court’s records are the primary source for County Criminal Records Checks. County courts oversee criminal cases that fall under the jurisdiction of the State Court System.

What is a federal judicial circuit?

Federal Judicial Circuits. Since the inauguration of the federal government, judicial circuits have provided geographical and administrative structure for the federal court system. For more than a century, the circuits functioned primarily as a way of assigning the justices and, after 1869, the circuit judges to service on the trial courts.