What documents should shred?

What documents should shred?

Which Documents You Should Shred and When

  • Credit card or insurance offers.
  • Paid billing statements.
  • ATM receipts.
  • Sales receipts.
  • Paid utility bills.
  • Expired warranties.

    What’s important to shredding important papers?

    Ten Reasons Shredding is Important

    • It’s the law.
    • To protect yourself from identity theft.
    • You can save time.
    • It makes recycling easier.
    • Your business data will remain confidential.
    • You can avoid corporate espionage.
    • You can save on storage space.
    • Stacks of paper can create a fire hazard.

    Do I need to shred my name?

    You probably already know that you should always shred documents that contain your name and address or financial information, such as bills and bank statements. There are many types of document that you should dispose of securely – not just those that contain obvious confidential information.

    Should you shred anything with your name and address?

    You should shred anything that has personal information like your name, address, phone number, social security number, or bank account information. This might include a few documents you don’t initially think about, including ATM receipts, credit card receipts, bills, and even used airline tickets.

    Why is shredding not a good thing?

    In fact, shreds of paper can clog the methods they often use to sort recyclable material because it’s designed for larger sheets of paper, cardboard, etc. If shredded paper ends up there, it’s usually discarded outright or ends up on the floor to be swept away with trash.

    Should I shred everything with my name and address?

    Should I shred my name and address?

    Even if they’re old bank statements, they should be shredded. Your name, address, phone number and bank account information are in those statements, along with your habits, purchases and banking history. Even if the account is closed, shred it anyway.

    Is it worth it to get a paper shredder?

    In the face of the potentially costly and time-consuming toil involved in recovering from identity fraud, shredding is well worth the effort. A shredder “is one more tool in your arsenal against ID theft,” Ms. Foley said.