What does a receptionist offer?

What does a receptionist offer?

The business duties of a receptionist may include answering visitors’ enquiries about a company and its products or services, directing visitors to their destinations, sorting and handing out mail, answering incoming calls on multi-line telephones or, earlier in the 20th century, a switchboard, setting appointments.

What is expected of a receptionist?

Duties include: greeting patients, answering phones, making and confirming appointments, insurance confirmation and billing, selling misc. hearing aid accessories, computer entry of daily patients, and other misc. office duties. See, there are plenty of things that can be expected of your receptionist.

What is the next position after receptionist?

Detailed Ranking of the Most Common Jobs of Former Receptionists

Job Title Rank %
Administrative Assistant 1 5.09%
Customer Service Representative 2 4.43%
Sales Associate 3 3.35%
Cashier 4 2.49%

Can you move up from being a receptionist?

You could step up to become an office manager, or make the move into customer service if you enjoy working with the public. Being a receptionist opens up a lot of other doors and can give you the skills and experience you need to enjoy a fruitful and enjoyable career.

What benefits do receptionists get?

Most receptionists receive benefits that included paid vacations and holidays as well as health insurance. Some employers provide educational assistance for their receptionists.

Do receptionists get promoted?

I used to work for the federal government and I’ve definitely seen receptionists get promoted to higher positions. I used to work for a major bank and there were administrative assts that would get promoted to analysts. I also knew one admin who went into HR as a generalist too.