What does it mean to have something covered?

What does it mean to have something covered?

Definition of have (got) someone or something covered : to have done, gotten, or provided whatever is needed : take care of everything Don’t worry about a thing. We’ve got you covered.

What is a word for covering something?

What is another word for covering?

veil cloak
shroud blanket
cover coverture
cope curtain
mask pall

What does cover over mean?

phrasal verb. cover something over. ​to cover something completely so that it cannot be seen synonym conceal. The Roman remains are now covered over by office buildings.

Had covered or has covered?

But if it was it would be “she has covered and understands”. And the other is past tense. So it would be “ she had covered and understood”.

What does it mean when someone says I got your back?

‘We’ve got your back’, is an idiom. It’s pretty much the the same as “I’ve got your 6 o’clock”, another idiom. It essentially is referring to the idea that when one is in a precarious situation that one can’t easily watch out for everything. ‘We’ve got your back’, is an idiom.

What is fashion or the way something is done?

The word fashion has to do with customs and trends. But this word can also refer to a way something is done, as in “We train dogs in a certain fashion.” To fashion something means to built it, as in “We fashioned a shelter out of rocks and mud.” But that kind of fashioning probably isn’t in fashion these days.

What does have a lot to cover mean?

Work: manager/boss in a meeting says “we have a lot to cover…” means there will be a lot of information presented to you, so listen attentively and do not ask questions!

What does cover mean?

: to put something over, on top of, or in front of (something else) especially in order to protect, hide, or close it. : to be spread over or on top of (something) : to be over much or all of the surface of (something)

What is cover in F&B?

COVER • Cover is a Place completely set on a dining table, with complete set of cutlery, crockery and glass ware,• Meaning of which is proper and Cover enough for one person to consume his meal.

Is Covered past or present tense?

The past tense of cover is covered. The third-person singular simple present indicative form of cover is covers. The present participle of cover is covering. The past participle of cover is covered.

Who first said you go girl?

Martin Lawrence
An expression of encouragement. It originated from the show “Martin” starring Martin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell. When the character Martin was given his girlfriend Gina motivation or a compliment he would say “You go girl”, with enthusiasm.

What does I Gotchu boo mean?

Slang for I got you which means I understand.

What do you reply when someone says you got your back?

“I got you (your back)” I’m supportive of you. Normally just a nod of understanding is fine. And “thank you” kind.

What is a fashion that is popular for a short time?

Fads are objects or behaviors that achieve short-lived popularity but fade away. Fads are often seen as sudden, quick-spreading, and short-lived. Fads include diets, clothing, hairstyles, toys, and more.

Why are meals called covers?

It’s the silverware and plates et c for a single person, the name derives from the cloth used to cover the items and protect them from dust when the table was set far in advance. A cover (from the French couvrir), was what was necessary to seat a person, so it naturally came to also mean a person.