What does Line 5 do for Michigan?

What does Line 5 do for Michigan?

Line 5 supplies 65% of propane demand in the Upper Peninsula, and 55% of Michigan’s statewide propane needs. Overall, Line 5 transports up to 540,000 barrels per day (bpd) of light crude oil, light synthetic crude, and natural gas liquids (NGLs), which are refined into propane.

Where is the Line 5 pipeline?

The Enbridge Line 5 pipeline is at the centre of a legal dispute that now features Ottawa, Michigan, and various state chambers of commerce and Canadian provinces. The 68-year-old pipeline lies on the lake bed of the narrows between Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, in the Straits of Mackinac.

Where does Line 5 go in Michigan?

Built in 1953 and designed to last 50 years, the Line 5 pipeline runs from Superior, Wisconsin, across the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, through the open waters of Straits of Mackinac, and across the Lower Peninsula, before crossing under the St. Clair River to refineries in Sarnia, Ontario.

Why is line5 bad?

The age, location, and questionable condition of the pipeline. An increase in the volume and pressure of fluids moving through the pipelines. The lack of transparency about safety inspections and what petroleum products are being transported through Line 5 in the Great Lakes.

Does Michigan get oil from Line 5?

Line 5 transports up to 540,000 barrels – or 22.68 million gallons – per day of light crude oil and natural gas liquids, according to Enbridge. Some Michigan drilling companies use Line 5 to transport the oil they produce. That product is introduced into the pipeline at Lewiston, Michigan.

Will Enbridge Line 5 Be Shut Down?

Despite Michigan’s deadline today for Enbridge to shut down Line 5, the Calgary-based company’s pipeline continues to operate amid a dispute involving governments on both sides of the border. An Enbridge spokesperson confirmed operations Wednesday have not been impacted.

Is Line 5 still open?

“Line 5 is operating safely, reliably and is in compliance with the law.”

Has Line 5 ever had a leak?

Line 5 has never leaked in the Straits, but it has elsewhere. In a 2017 report based largely on federal data, the National Wildlife Federation estimated 29 known spills, ruptures and equipment failures along Line 5 had released more than 1 million gallons of oil and natural gas liquids since 1968.

What happens when Line 5 is closed?

A Line 5 shutdown would put Ohio refineries at risk. The closure of one of those refineries could result in the loss of $5.4 billion in annual economic output to Ohio and southeast Michigan, and the loss of thousands of direct and contracted skilled trades jobs.

What does shutting down Line 5 mean?

Shutting Down Line 5 is the Right Decision for Michigan Gov. Whitmer’s action to revoke the easement agreement with Enbridge Line 5 will protect the Great Lakes from a catastrophic oil spill.

What is the problem with Line 5?

miles of shoreline impacted by a Line 5 rupture Over the years, protective coating on the pipeline has worn away, exposing bare metal and weakening the pipeline’s integrity. Enbridge has consistently failed to properly anchor the pipeline to the lakebed, letting it sway uncontrolled in the strong Straits currents.

How much of Keystone XL pipeline is already built?

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