What does lis pendens mean in real estate?

What does lis pendens mean in real estate?

pending suit
The doctrine of lis pendens literally means “pending suit,” and lis pendens notices are the machinery whereby a party with an unrecorded or unperfected claim to real property can put third persons interested in the property on notice of the claim or interest. …

What do you mean by lis pendens?

Legal Definition of lis pendens 1 : a pending suit. 2 : a written notice of a pending suit involving property usually filed in the appropriate office (as a registry of deeds) — called also notice of pendency. 3a : the jurisdiction and control of the court over property involved in a pending suit.

What is the purpose of a lis pendens?

A “lis pendens notice” is a notice recorded in a real property’s chain of title and is designed to enable interested third parties to discover the existence and scope of pending litigation affecting the title to or asserting a mortgage, lien, security interest, or other interest in real property.

What happens after lis pendens is filed?

Once a lis pendens is filed, notice is officially recorded in the property’s county. This makes the buying and selling of the property in question much more difficult, with many hurdles added to the process. This is mostly because buyers will avoid any house with disputes against the property or a cloud on the title.

How does lis pendens work?

By filing a lis pendens, an individual or entity is protecting its claim to the title pending the outcome of the lawsuit. A lis pendens is only lifted once the lawsuit has been settled. Because pending litigation can take months and sometimes years, buyers are often advised to stay clear of these properties.

Is lis pendens a lien?

While a lien can be put against the title for unpaid taxes, child support, or even home contractor fees, a lis pendens is a potential lien. It means the right to ownership of the property might be uncertain, but the decision hasn’t been made yet.