What does lower level apartment mean?

What does lower level apartment mean?

The lower level comes with extra space—and storage Particularly in apartments that are located on the ground floor of a townhouse or brownstone, there’s a good chance you’ll get access to the building’s basement, which could mean extra storage and even your own laundry room.

What are unlivable conditions in an apartment?

Uninhabitable conditions can include dangerous ones, such as holes in the floor, unsafe or exposed wiring, or non-working air conditioning in dangerously hot summer months. Gross infestations of roaches, fleas or other pests are also uninhabitable conditions.

Are ground level apartments safe?

Pro: Increased security Depending on the layout of the building and its built-in security measures, basement and ground floor apartments can pose a higher risk of criminal activity and break-ins than apartments on higher levels.

Is a first-floor apartment safe?

Sadly, safety can indeed be an issue with first-floor units. “The first floor is the easiest access point—and basement-level apartments may be out of the eye line of passersby, giving thieves an added layer of protection,” Rose says.

What can you do if your apartment is unlivable?

  1. Notice. The first thing you must do may seem obvious to some, but is actually overlooked by many unhappy tenants.
  2. Withholding Rent. This is the remedy most tenants use when their requests for maintenance go unanswered.
  3. Report the Condition to a Local Housing Authority.
  4. Sue Your Landlord.

What’s wrong with first floor apartments?

First-floor apartments typically don’t have great views. Also, more dust and bugs will have access to your apartment than if you lived on a higher floor. Higher heating bills: Heat rises, so during winter, you may have to incur higher heating bills — it’s likely to be very cold on the first floor.

Is a first floor apartment safe?

What does a 1 1 bedroom mean?

The term 1+1 usually applies to a one-bedroom unit, with the bedroom separated by walls from the rest of the living area.

Which floor is best for apartment living?

Living on a higher floor has its advantages. You get better views of your locality, better light and ventilation, and there is lower impact of street-level disturbances compared to those on the ground and lower floors.