What does SLC stand for in Swarovski binoculars?

What does SLC stand for in Swarovski binoculars?

slim, light, compact
REVIEW TOPICS SLC (which stands for “slim, light, compact”) binoculars comprise an extended product line, available in 8x and 10×56, 7x, 8x and 10×50, 8x and 10×42 and 8×30 models. All SLC binoculars are single-hinge, roof prism designs.

Are Swarovski SLC discontinued?

Swarovski has recently discontinued their well known x42 SLC binoculars, with the last units dispatched in December 2020, see posts #6 and 8 at: https://www.birdforum.net/threads/gpo-passion-10×56.402828/#post-4127478 In contrast, Swarovski does continue to offer the larger x56 SLC models, and…

Are Swarovski binos worth the money?

Swarovski binoculars in general hold their value much better than most brands and this tends to take them out of the “expense” category and put them into the “investment” category for those items that provide a return over a period of time.

What does Swarovski mean?

The EL’s include Swarovision which simply put is an additional lens that flattens out the field of view. One way to measure this is to look at a tree or log pole on the edge of your field of view. When viewing through the SLC’s this image is going to be slightly distorted at the edges with the pole showing a curve.

Are Swarovski binoculars good for hunting?

That’s what you get with the Swarovski Optik’s 15×56 SLCs, a very large, very bright, very powerful, and very expensive binocular that has become the darling of desert deer hunters, mountain sheep hunters, and serious bird watchers who don’t want to lug around the weight and dimensions of a spotting scope and tripod.

Where are Swarovski SLC made?

Swarovski’s culture • Swarovski is a family-run business, which makes crystal glass as well as sport optics. All its binoculars are made in Austria. The Swarovski website says the company is committed to courageous innovation and to creating objects that will last and serve for a lifetime.

What does WB mean on Swarovski binoculars?

The WB (it’s actually “W B”) is a combination of two items. The W stands for a German word that means “wide angle.” For Swarovski binoculars, this means the apparent field of view is greater than 60°. The B, as noted above, is for a German word that means the instrument has twist-up eyecups.

How do you focus glasses with binoculars?

Since eyeglasses hold binoculars away from the eyes and let in peripheral light anyway, retract the eyecups if you do wear glasses. Next, set the barrels of the binoculars to match the distance between your eyes. Looking through them, adjust the barrels until you have a solid image through both eyes.