What does the upside down Longhorn logo mean?

What does the upside down Longhorn logo mean?

Imagine a bull with its horns pointed down instead of up. It’s the same imagery as a fighter taking a knee or showing a sign of “meekness” or “giving up,” and when a team playing opposite the Texas Longhorns brandishes the “horns down” symbol, it’s perceived as a slight against the team.

What does Texas Horns down mean?

“Lemme put it this way,” Big 12 coordinator of officials Greg Burks said at Big 12 Media Days. “If you do a Horns Down to a Texas player as an opponent, that’s probably going to be a foul.” Burks clarified his statements saying that while doing it to a player would lead to a penalty, towards the crowd would not.

What is horns down gesture?

From the West Virginia Mountaineers to the Oklahoma Sooners and Texas A&M Aggies, the counter to Texas’ iconic gesture became known as ‘Horns Down,’ which is just the same thing upside down. Any player who flashes that hand signal during a game could receive an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty from Big 12 officials.

Why is WVU horns down?

After scoring West Virginia’s first touchdown in the first quarter of a 42-41 victory over Texas, Sills flashed a “horns down” hand signal, a spoof on the Longhorns’ famous “horns up” gesture. Sills didn’t get away with it, landing a 15-yard penalty — the first of two against WVU for making the gesture.

Why are the Texas Longhorns on the news?

A shot at the Texas Longhorns right there on the highway, on the news, in the middle of May without any real rhyme or reason. Wonder all you want. Slate said it makes perfect sense. “Nothing goes better together in Oklahoma than tornadoes, pork rinds and Horns Down,” he told ESPN that afternoon.

When did Baylor fans do the horns down?

Horns Down caught on almost as quickly among rivals, even without the aid of social media. The front page of Texas’ student newspaper, the Daily Texan, featured a Baylor fan doing the Horns Down in 1963. Texas fans certainly don’t appreciate the gesture. But for Texas officials, saying anything about it is a no-win situation.

Why are the horns down in college football?

The Horns Down are disrespectful for players on the field. If Horns Down are OK, we ought to have Guns Down be OK.” Of course, all fans heard was Brown appealing to the Big 12 on behalf of a behemoth — Texas — to deal with a hand sign that was a fan favorite of rivals.

Who was the Head Yell Leader for Texas Longhorns?

More than 60 years ago, Henry “HK” Pitts showed Harley Clark, Texas’ head yell leader, his hand in the shape of a fist, with his index and pinky fingers extended, and said it looked like the horns of Texas’ mascot, the longhorn steer.