What does tray mean in slang?

What does tray mean in slang?

According to the algorithm behind Urban Thesaurus, the top 5 slang words for “tray” are: atp, printer, icescapee, sandbox, and ghetto booty.

What intray means?

: a box or other container on a desk in which letters, notes, etc., that are sent to the desk are placed an in tray full of letters that have to be answered.

Is it tray or Trey?

The words tray, trey sound the same but have different meanings and spellings. Why do tray, trey sound the same even though they are completely different words? The answer is simple: tray, trey are homophones of the English language.

What is an in and out tray?

/ˈaʊt ˌtreɪ/ (US outbox) a flat, open container on a desk for letters and other documents that have already been dealt with and are waiting to be sent to someone else or put away: The letter is in your out tray.

What is another word for tray?

In this page you can discover 29 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for tray, like: plate, coaster, platter, dumb-waiter, waiter, tea-wagon, service, trencher, salver, server and bag.

What is a tray drug?

A tray is whole packet of prescription drugs, also known as a ‘blister pack’. “These days, if someone says they’ve taken some benzos that means they’ve taken a tray,” says Duffin. And that could mean taking 10 or more tablets at a time.

What is the purpose of an out tray?

An out tray is a shallow container used in offices to put letters and documents in when they have been dealt with and are ready to be sent somewhere else. Compare in tray.

What is the purpose of using tray?

a flat, shallow container or receptacle made of wood, metal, etc., usually with slightly raised edges, used for carrying, holding, or displaying articles of food, glass, china, etc. a removable receptacle of this shape in a cabinet, box, trunk, or the like, sometimes forming a drawer.

What is the uses of tray?

They provide a flat surface for serving up snacks and drinks but they also provide a neat and tidy space for TV remotes and coasters. But you can also use them as a display area for decor on a coffee table.

How do I use an in tray?

How an In-Tray Exercise is Structured

  1. You are given between 12 to 30 in-tray items that you have to prioritise and action. This is done by answering a series of multiple-choice questions.
  2. You are given between 12 to 30 in-tray items which you have to prioritise and action.

What is a tray used for?

What is a serving tray?

Serving Tray Uses You can use a serving tray to place items on top of your coffee table. Wooden serving trays can also be used to transport food and drinks to your family and guests. Another way to use a serving tray is by keeping items well organized on a dressing table.

Is in tray one word?

in tray | Business English a container where letters and other documents are put when they arrive in a person’s office, and kept until the person has time to deal with them: The department was understaffed, and my in tray was overflowing.

What is the difference between tray and salver?

Salvers vs Trays A tray is a flat, shallow container that is used for carrying or displaying food and drink (or related accessories). The main difference between salvers and silver trays is an obvious one; trays have handles, and salvers do not. Trays are also often much larger than salvers.

What are the different types of tray?

There are five major types of tray column; bubble cap tray, sieve deck tray, dual flow tray, valve tray and baffle tray. The oldest widely used equibrium-stage plate is the bubble cap tray. A bubble cap tray is perforated flat plate which has a riser(chimney) over the holes covered with a cap.

What are in tray activities?

In-tray exercises are work simulation assessments, requiring a candidate to assume the role of an employee at a fictitious organisation. Candidates will be presented with a workplace scenario, which is usually a return from a holiday or break, requiring the candidate to catch up on work which has built up.

What is the difference between a tray and a platter?

Tray: is used to carry food on. Platter: is used to serve food on.

What are the types of tray?