What happened when Tom and Becky found their way out of the cave?

What happened when Tom and Becky found their way out of the cave?

Becky falls to the ground and cries while Tom tries to comfort her by telling her it is all his fault. They begin to wander again, hoping to find a familiar landmark. Tom takes Becky’s candle and blows it out to conserve that source of light. After a while, Becky has to sit down, and she falls asleep.

What happens in Chapter 16 of Tom Sawyer?

Summary—Chapter 16: First Pipes—“I’ve Lost My Knife” The boys find turtle eggs on the sandbar that afternoon and eat fried eggs for supper that night and for breakfast the following morning. They strip naked, swim, and have wrestling matches and a mock circus on the beach.

Is Tom Sawyer a real person?

The “real” Tom Sawyer was a heavy-drinking firefighter and local hero whom Mark Twain befriended in the 1860s, according to new analysis by the Smithsonian magazine. “Sam was a dandy, he was,” Graysmith quotes Sawyer as saying about Twain, whose real name was Samuel Clemens.

What did Tom do instead of whitewashing the fence?

Tom convinces Ben that whitewashing a fence is great pleasure, and after some bargaining, Ben agrees to give Tom his apple in exchange for the privilege of working on the fence. Over the course of the day, every boy who passes ends up staying to whitewash, and each one gives Tom something in exchange.

What happens at the end of Tom Sawyer?

At the end of the book, Injun Joe is out of the picture. Tom and Huck are hometown heroes. Huck has saved the Widow Douglas’s life, and Tom has managed to escape from the caves with Becky. The book ends with Tom and Huck making plans to begin Tom Sawyer’s Gang and become robbers that very night.

What happens in Chapter 21 of Tom Sawyer?

As Dobbins is drawing a map of the United States on the blackboard, one of the boys lowers a cat from the ceiling; said cat grabs onto the schoolmaster’s wig, revealing his bald head…which has, somehow, been gilded by the sign-painter’s boy. The boys get their revenge, and school’s out for summer.

What happened in Chapter 17 of Tom Sawyer?

The proceedings are interrupted when Tom, Joe, and Huck walk into the church, which was the secret plan that Tom had told to the other two boys back on the island. Tom and Joe’s families sweep the two of them up in their joy at finding them alive, while Huck is ignored.

Who is Tom Sawyer’s best friend?

Huckleberry Finn
His best friends include Joe Harper and Huckleberry Finn. He has a half-brother, Sid Sawyer, a cousin, Mary, and an Aunt Polly, the sister of his dead mother. He lives with them in the town of St. Petersburg, Missouri.

What is the message of Tom Sawyer?

The main theme of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is the joys of childhood when the world is full of wonders and children are free of the heavy responsibilities of adulthood.

Why did Jim not help Tom?

Answer: Jim refused to do Tom’s work for him​ because aunt Polly would shout at him and give him punishments.

Is Huck Finn a good or bad person?

In the novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn is Tom’s companion in virtually all of his adventures. Huckleberry Finn is described as “lawless and vulgar and bad” by the adults of the village. Contrary to what the adults believe, Huckleberry Finn is loyal, fair, and unable to control his circumstances.