What happens if you are left money in a will?

What happens if you are left money in a will?

If the deceased person left a lot of money or property in his or her estate, the executor or the administrator may have to apply for a grant of representation to gain access to the money. If the deceased person left a valid will, the Probate Registry will grant probate of the will.

What is it called when you are left money in a will?

A gift left in a will is called a legacy If you want to leave a particular gift or item to someone then this is called a specific legacy. This type of gift is called a pecuniary legacy. It doesn’t specify what part of your estate it should be paid from so it is paid from your general estate after death.

What happens when a sibling disputes a will?

If your sibling actually contests the will or codicil and the court agrees that the will or codicil is invalid, or that parts of it are invalid, there are several outcomes. The entire will or codicil can be thrown out. If there is an earlier will in existence, that will could be put into place instead.

When did my mum leave half of her house to me?

Our mum died last march – 2010. Up until her death she lived in her house with my younger brother. She made her will on the last minute, literally her death bed, and it said that the house was to be split 50/50 between me and my brother. When she died, he stayed in the house and we said we’d talk about what we were going to do a little later.

What happens when a mother’s partner passes away?

If the sons have been appointed as trustees, then the legal title of the property should be transferred into their names as they are holding it upon trust for their mother’s partner (life tenant) during his lifetime. After the life tenant passes away, the property will then pass to the beneficiaries, which I assume are also the two sons.

Can a mum’s partner stay in her bungalow?

Mum’s will says her partner can stay in her bungalow for life, are her sons now officially landlords until they inherit? My mother-in-law has very recently died.

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