What happens if you breach strata?

What happens if you breach strata?

NSW strata residents in breach of any by-law, risk that the Owners Corporation makes an application to NCAT for the imposition of a civil penalty for breaching the by-law. This penalty carries a monetary penalty of up to 10 penalty units (which is $1,100).

How do I resign from the strata committee?

A strata committee member can resign by giving written notice to the owners corporation (usually by email or letter to the secretary or strata manager if one is delegated the function of secretary) in accordance with section 35(c) of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015 (NSW) (‘the Act’).

Where do small claims cases go in NSW?

These claims are dealt with in the Local Court of NSW Small Claims Division. If the claim is for more than $20,000 it is dealt with by the Local Court General Claims Division.

Can a damage claim be made on a strata insurance policy?

As the strata insurance policy is the only policy that the building can be covered, it is therefore appropriate that a claim is made under the strata policy. Damage to contents items such as carpet, furniture etc would need to be claimed on each lot owners contents or landlords insurance policy.

What to do if a strata scheme fails to comply with by law?

You can ask the owners corporation to issue them with a Notice to Comply with a By-Law (PDF, 279.38 KB) then seek a fine if they keep breaching. Or you can apply for mediation through Fair Trading to have a mediator assist you to discuss the issue with them.

Why are so many strata owners not paying their levies?

Our Owners corporation is totally dysfunctional as many owners cannot attend meetings as their levies are not paid. Others investor owners don’t care about meetings and their outcome and many are in the pocket of the Strata manager who is using their back to push his agenda and the agenda of the lot owners who are his best mates.