What is a complex case in court?

What is a complex case in court?

A “complex case” is an action that requires exceptional judicial management to avoid placing unnecessary burdens on the court or the litigants and to expedite the case, keep costs reasonable, and promote effective decision making by the court, the parties, and counsel.

What is a complex capital case?

Complex cases include (1) all First Degree Murder cases, (2) all cases that will require the court to consider evidence obtained as the result of an order permitting the interception of wire, electronic or oral communication, and (3) any case that the court, in a written factual finding, designates as complex.

What is a complex case review?

Complex Case Review is a meeting where. • The service/s is struggling to meet the. persons needs – placement at risk. • The additional resources required are. considerable (clinical / financial etc)

What is cause of action in law?

cause of action. n. the basis of a lawsuit founded on legal grounds and alleged facts which, if proved, would constitute all the “elements” required by statute.

What is a complex case management conference?

A case management conference (CMC) is when both sides, the lawyers (if any), and the judge meet to talk about how to handle the case. Most civil cases have a CMC and it usually happens between 120 and 180 days from filing of the lawsuit. It asks about the status of the case and the time estimate for trial.

What does a capital case mean?

Capital cases are cases that, if the defendant is guilty, he or she will face the death penalty. First-degree murder cases, either on grounds of premeditation or cases that based on the felony-murder doctrine are generally capital cases.

What does a complex case worker do?

The role will conduct holistic assessments of complex client strengths and needs using the Strengths and Needs Assessment Framework (SANAF), and other risk assessments (this can include complex mental health and child protection risk assessments) and develop and implement appropriate case plans and safety planni ng.

What is a complex case panel?

Complex case panels (formerly VPPs) are a group of professionals who meet regularly to discuss, as the name suggests, complex cases. These are people who may or may not have care and support needs, often are not supported by the council, and who will require a variety of services to support them.

What is a bifurcated trial?

A judicial proceeding that is divided into two stages. The most common division is to determine liabiltiy or guilt in the first stage, and to establish damages or punishment in the second stage.

What is a complex case in social work?

In the field of child protection (CP), as in other areas of health and social care, there is an emphasis on professionals being able to work together in so-called complex cases, i.e. cases in which multiple needs cannot be addressed by a single agency or professional group (Crawford 2012; Davies & Ward 2012; Hood 2012a …