What is a CRA filing and balance confirmation letter?

What is a CRA filing and balance confirmation letter?

The Filing and balance confirmation letter service lets you request, download and print a letter that gives a summary of your program accounts, registration dates and any outstanding returns and balances associated to your business number.

How long does it take CRA to review documents?

After you have submitted your documents You should hear from CRA no later than 45 day after the documents have been received.

What is a balance confirmation letter?

A balance Confirmation Letter is an official document issued to the creditors from the bank to confirm the balance as per the books or records. It will include invoice number, date, order reference number, amount details, etc. The letter crosschecks the payments to verify the correct amount during the whole year.

How do I respond to a CRA letter?

Responding to us

  1. reply within the time frame indicated to the address in our letter.
  2. include the reference number found at the upper right corner of our letter.
  3. send us all receipts and/or other documents requested that apply to your situation.

What does notice of reassessment mean CRA?

A Notice of Reassessment is a more recent assessment from CRA to request more information about something that you have reported in your income tax return. It is sent weeks, months, or years after your first Notice of Assessment, which you usually receive within a couple of weeks after filing your tax return.

Does Canada Revenue Agency send text messages?

The CRA never uses text messages or instant messaging such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp to communicate with taxpayers about tax-related issues under any circumstance. If a taxpayer receives text or instant messages claiming to be from the CRA, they are scams!

How do I submit a letter to the CRA?

Submit them online easily using these steps:

  1. Log in to CRA My Account.
  2. Click on the Submit Documents button in the quick links section on the left side of the welcome page.
  3. Provide the reference number found on the CRA’s letter requesting the submission of your documents.
  4. Upload your documents.

How do I contact Canada Revenue Agency?


  1. Help with online services such as My Account, NETFILE and Represent a Client or family member.
  2. Get a security code for My Account.
  3. Help if you are locked out of your online account.

What triggers a CRA reassessment?

One reason why the agency may reassess a return is due to the CRA Matching Program. For example, the agency uses details provided by employers and banks to make sure that income is being correctly reported. If the CRA finds an error through this program, it will correct the error and issue a reassessment.