What is a licensed corporation?

What is a licensed corporation?

More Definitions of Licensed Corporation Licensed Corporation means a licensed corporation permitted to carry on Type 1 (Dealing in securities) and Type 4 (Advising of securities) regulated activities for the purpose of the Securities and Futures Ordinance.

What is a CE number in Hong Kong?

(1) In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires— “applicant” (申請㆟) means the person making an application under the Ordinance to the Commission; “basic information” (基本資料) means the information referred to in Part 1 of Schedule 1; “CE number” (㆗央編號) means the central entity identification number assigned by …

What is SFC license?

A licence is issued by the SFC under Part V of the SFO only to allow the holder to carry on business in a regulated activity, or to perform a regulated function in relation to a regulated activity carried on as a business, in Hong Kong.

What is responsible officer SFC?

A Responsible Officer is an individual who is approved by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) under section 126(1) of the Securities and Futures Ordinance (the “SFO”) as a Responsible Officer of a licensed corporation.

How do you get a Type 9 license?

Normally, the SFC requires an RO to have 3 years relevant industry experience over the 6 years immediately prior to the date of application (or 5 years over past 8 years, or 8 years over past 11 years) as well as a minimum of 2 years of proven management skill and experience.

What is the CE mark on a product?

CE marking is a visible sign that the product complies with all relevant product supply law, and its presence together with the Declaration of Conformity gives the product to which it is affixed presumption of conformity with relevant product safety Directives.

Who needs an SFC license?

You will need a license unless you: are an authorized financial institution (bank or deposit-taking company) and you carry on a business in one or more regulated activities. actively market to the public any services that you provide that could constitute a regulated activity (if provided in Hong Kong)

Who is a responsible officer of a company?

Responsible Officer of the Company means the Chairman or Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, the President, any Vice-President, the Treasurer, the Controller or the Secretary of the Company.

How do I submit annual return to SFC?

Submission of annual returns. Licensed corporations and licensed individuals are required to submit annual returns to the SFC through the SFC Online Portal within one month after each anniversary date of their licences (section 138(4) of the SFO).

What is Type 9 regulated activity?

Type 9 (asset management) regulated activity is defined in Schedule 5 to the SFO as (i) real estate investment scheme management; or (ii) securities or futures contracts management. whose name is entered in the register maintained by the Monetary Authority under section 20 of the Banking Ordinance (Cap.

Do you need a license SFC?

What is securities margin financing?

Securities margin financing (“SMF”) is defined as providing financial. accommodation for facilitating the acquisition and continued holding of listed. securities. The financier may allow a client to draw against his margin account to. facilitate the continued holding of securities acquired under the margin account.