What is a motion to reargue New York?

What is a motion to reargue New York?

“A motion to reargue is addressed to the discretion of the court and is designed to afford a party an opportunity to establish that the court overlooked or misapprehended the relevant facts, or misapplied a controlling principle of law (CPLR 2221[d][2]).

What is a motion to renew?

Motion to Renew. Renewal is based upon new facts not offered on the prior motion that would change the prior determination or upon a demonstration that there has been a change in the law that would change the prior determination.

How long do you have to file a notice of appeal in NY?

30 days
The Deadline for Filing a Notice of Appeal The deadline for filing an appeal does not start to run unless you are served with a copy of the Order or Judgment with Notice of Entry. If that happens, you only have 30 days to file your Notice of Appeal, 35 days if you are served by mail!

What is reargument in court?

: a new or repeated argument especially : presentation of new or additional arguments to a court on a matter of law or fact which a petitioner claims was overlooked or misunderstood by the court Doubts aroused by the dissents led the Court to put the case down for reargument the next term. —

What is a notice of Entry in New York?

A written notice that a prevailing party provides other parties to alert them that an order or judgment has been entered in a New York state court.

What is a motion for reargument?

A properly filed Motion for Reargument points out factual inaccuracies in the trial court’s decision or order and/or raises applicable law that the trial court ignored in the decision or order. The Motion for Reargument is not an opportunity to relitigate your case.

What does Reargued mean?

transitive verb. : to debate, dispute, or give reasons for or against (something) for a second or subsequent time : to argue (something) again … has asked the justices to clarify their ruling and has filed a petition to reargue portions of the case.—

What does notice of Entry of Order mean?

This document is required to notify all parties of the court’s order or judgment and to trigger important deadlines for post-ruling procedures, such as filing an appeal, amending a complaint, or filing a motion for reconsideration. …