What is a stormwater easement?

What is a stormwater easement?

WHAT IS A STORMWATER EASEMENT? A stormwater easement is just a form of drainage easement. One put in place so as to ensure that the relevant properties have access to drainage that carries excess water away from their properties.

Whose responsibility is a blocked drain?

Usually, the landlord will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of the structure and exterior of the property, including drains and drain pipes. Minor blockages inside the property – such as a clogged sink – can usually be resolved simply by the tenant.

Can I cover a drain in my garden?

Drain covers can spoil the look of a garden. You can cover it with art, plants, and garden accessories like birdbaths and ponds. Before you start, make sure that you have permission to alter the cover. Any alteration cannot be permanent because the water utility company requires access to all drains.

How do you deal with stormwater runoff?

The EPA mantra for stormwater runoff management is: slow it down, spread it out, soak it in. Consider these affordable, do-able solutions to do just that….

  1. Add plants.
  2. Protect trees.
  3. Break up slabs.
  4. Go permeable.
  5. Catch runoff.
  6. How to Divert Water Runoff from Driveway.
  7. Plant a rain garden.
  8. Cover soil.

Where does Auckland Council dispose of stormwater?

In designated soakage areas, discharge shall be to private soakage (subject to satisfactory percolation testing in accordance with Auckland Council technical report TR2013/040 (Stormwater Disposal via Soakage in the Auckland Region)).

How is stormwater discharged from a public road?

Also, it is the decision of the local authority whether stormwater may discharge into a stormwater system that is provided for a public road, or any servitude, or onto the street. One of the major issues is people simply discharging their stormwater onto neighboring properties.

What are the rules for storm water disposal?

The legislation (the Act itself rather than the deemed to satisfy rules compiled by the SABS) states that it is the right of the local authority to demand that storm water disposal is provided in accordance with “an acceptable rational design prepared by an approved competent person” So if your local authority is of the opinion that a …

Can a berm be used to discharge stormwater?

Stormwater runoff caused by an increase in impermeable area as a result of development shall not be permitted to discharge across footpaths or berms, or from or to adjacent properties.