What is an Ivo?

What is an Ivo?

So someone had successfully convinced the Court to make an Intervention Order (IVO) against you. Whilst the IVO is in place, you are bound to comply with the terms and conditions of the IVO and, if you breach those terms or conditions you are likely to receive a punishment which may include imprisonment.

What happens if you breach an AVO Victoria?

A person who has an AVO against them is not guilty of a criminal offence and so the AVO is not listed on their criminal record. However, breaching an AVO in NSW is a criminal offence. Upon breaching an AVO and being charged by the police, the police may arrest you or issue you with a Court Attendance Notice (CAN).

How do I take an AVO off someone?

You can contact the NSW Police and a police officer can apply for an AVO on your behalf. A Domestic Violence Liaison Officer (DVLO) can help you through this process. They are police officers who are trained in domestic and family violence, child protection procedures, victim support and the court AVO process.

What is an emergency safety order called?

An emergency barring order requires the violent person to leave the home, and prohibits the person from entering the home. This is an immediate order where there is reasonable grounds to believe there is an immediate risk of significant harm to you or a dependent person.

What is a HSE notice of contravention?

A notification of contravention (NoC) is a document or letter that tells you about health and safety laws you’ve broken. This means the inspector thinks you have broken the law seriously enough for them to write to you about it. If the inspector gives you a NoC, you’ll have to pay for the cost of the visit.

What are the two notices that can be served by the HSE?

There are two forms of HSE prohibition notice:

  • An immediate notice – this stops the activity immediately until the specified risk is reduced; and.
  • A deferred prohibition notice – this stops the activity within a specified time limit.

    How do I remove an AVO?

    Before it gets to court, an AVO can be sought by simply going to a police station and making a complaint- the police may then decide to take out a provisional AVO on behalf of the alleged victim. Alternatively, a provisional AVO can be taken out by simply attending and applying for one at a Local Court Registry.