What is another word for participative?

What is another word for participative?

Participative Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for participative?

participatory collaborative
cooperative co-operative
team mutual

What does it mean when someone is participative?

: relating to or involving participation especially : of, relating to, or being a style of management in which subordinates participate in decision making.

What is participative leader?

The methodology behind being a participative leader is simple. Rather than employing a top-down approach to managing a team, everyone works together for the decision-making process and address company issues, sometimes employing an internal vote to address problems or challenges.

What is participative approach?

Definition : A participatory approach means that the person in charge of solving a problem or designing an innovation involves people who are directly concerned by the result of his or her work. Different tools can be used to implement a participatory approach.

Which is the definition of participative leadership?

Participative leadership is a style of leadership in which all members of the organization work together to make decisions. Participative leadership is also known as democratic leadership, as everyone is encouraged to participate.

What is an example of participative leadership?

Participative leadership involves engendering ownership amongst the follower group so that they feel jointly responsible for the direction taken and its achievement. Examples of participative leaders include facilitators, social workers, arbitrators and group therapists.

What are the advantages of participative leadership style?

The Benefits of Participative Leadership

  • Participative leadership encourages collaboration.
  • Participative leadership opens up an organisation.
  • Participative leadership facilitates a free flow of ideas.
  • Participative leadership decreases competition.
  • Participative leadership improves morale.

What is the adjective of diligence?

diligent \DIL-uh-junt\ adjective. : characterized by steady, earnest, and energetic effort : painstaking.

How do you describe a diligent person?

Diligent comes from the Latin diligere, which means “to value highly, take delight in,” but in English it has always meant careful and hard-working. If you’re a diligent worker, you don’t just bang away at your job; you earnestly try to do everything right.

What are the advantages of participative planning?

Here are the advantages of a participative management style:

  • Increase team morale. Participative leaders give every team member a voice.
  • Promote collaboration.
  • Uncover creative solutions.
  • Teams more readily accept decisions.
  • Improve employee retention.

What is participative theory?

Participative Theories Participative leadership theories suggest that the ideal leadership style is one that takes the input of others into account. These leaders encourage participation and contributions from group members and help group members feel more relevant and committed to the decision-making process.

What is a synonym for participation?

participation, involvement(noun) the condition of sharing in common with others (as fellows or partners etc.) Synonyms: intimacy, liaison, affaire, affair, interest, involution, amour, involvement, engagement.

What is an antonym for participate?

Antonyms for (verb) participate. Main entry: enter, participate. Definition: become a participant; be involved in. Usage: enter a race; enter an agreement; enter a drug treatment program; enter negotiations. Antonyms: quit, throw in, throw in the towel, drop by the wayside, drop out, fall by the wayside, chuck up the sponge, give up.

What is synonym for participants?

participant(noun) someone who takes part in an activity. Synonyms: player. player, participant(noun) a person who participates in or is skilled at some game. Synonyms: player, role player, thespian, instrumentalist, musician, actor, histrion.

What is another word for participants?

Synonyms for participant. someone who takes part in an activity. Related Words. attendee. meeter. attendant. attender. discussant.