What is China Postal Code?

What is China Postal Code?

City Area code Postal code
Beijing 010 100000
Shanghai 021 200000
Tianjin 022 300000
Chongqing 023 630000

Do they have postal codes in China?

China Post uses a six-digit all-numerical system with four tiers: the first tier, composed of the first two digits, show the province, province-equivalent municipality, or autonomous region; the second tier, composed of the third digit, shows the postal zone within the province, municipality or autonomous region; the …

What are the six major regions of China?

For the analysis, we divided the country into 6 regions (Figure 2): Northeast (Beijing, Hebei, Heilongjiang, Jinlin, Liaoning, Shandong, Tiangjin,); North Central [Nei Mongol AR (Inner Mongolia), Shanxi]; Northwest (Gansu, Ningxia Hui AR, Shaanxi, Qinghai, Xinjiang Uyghur AR); Southwest [Chongqing, Guangxi AR, Guizhou.

What is the area code for Shanghai China?

Shanghai/Area codes

How are Chinese phone numbers written?

In mainland China, mobile phone numbers have 11 digits in the format 1xx-xxxx-xxxx (except for 140–144, which are 13-digit IoT numbers), in which the first three digits (13x to 19x) designate the mobile phone service provider. The 5th to 7th digit sometimes relates to age and location.

Where is China in the region?

Other kinds of statistics

Region Area Provinces included & Notes
Central China 564,700 km² Henan, Hubei, and Hunan
South China 449,654 km² Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Hong Kong, and Macau
Western China 3,978,700 km² Chongqing, Sichuan, Guizhou, Yunnan, Tibet, Shaanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Ningxia, and Xinjiang

What are the 5 regions of China?

China has 5 autonomous regions: Guangxi, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Tibet (Xizang) and Xinjiang.

Does Shanghai have a postal code?

I have a friend in Shanghai….Shanghai Area Code & Zip Code.

District/County Area Code Zip Code
Jing’an District 21 200000
Zhabei District 21 200000
Yangpu District 21 200000
Baoshan District 21 201900

What is the ZIP code of Guizhou, China?

Guizhou Area Code & Zip Code City District / County Zip Code Guiyang Nanming District 550000 Guiyang Wudang District 550000 Guiyang Kaiyang County 550300 Guiyang Qingzhen City 551400

How to send a letter in Guiyang City China?

Hello, I have to send a letter to a person in Guiyang city and I asked for the street and number. But they told me that I just need ” huaguoyuan qu ” to send my message. It’s possible to reach them without a number of the road in China? Of course I have the name, ecc.

Where is huoguoyuan residential district in China?

In this way, the letter can be delivered more rapidly and accurately. Huoguoyuan residential district belongs to Nanming District. 😉