What is considered giving legal information?

What is considered giving legal information?

Legal information, on the other hand, can be given by anyone who is knowledgeable on the law. It is simply a statement of what the law is, without any application to your particular situation, leaving up to you the decision of how to proceed.

What are civil rights FindLaw?

Civil rights are an expansive and significant set of rights that are designed to protect individuals from unfair treatment; they are the rights of individuals to receive equal treatment (and to be free from unfair treatment or discrimination) in a number of settings — including education, employment, housing, public …

How reliable is Nolo com?

Nolo is not BBB-accredited, but it does have an A+ rating with the BBB, which lists five complaints closed in last three years. The company has a one-star review rating on the BBB website, for seven total reviews, most of which were from attorneys who were unsatisfied with the leads they received from Nolo.

Is nolo a good source?

Nolo (www.nolo.com) It’s one of the largest online libraries of free legal information of the highest quality. They provide articles and FAQs, legal updates, law blogs, law dictionary, and legal research among others.

What is the most important law in the United States?

The law of the United States comprises many levels of codified and uncodified forms of law, of which the most important is the United States Constitution, which prescribes the foundation of the federal government of the United States, as well as various civil liberties.

What is Nolo cloud?

With NoloCloud you can access your legal forms anywhere at any time. Create as many easy to use documents as you need during your one year subscription. We have forms for estate planning, business, finance, employees, real estate, tenants, landlords, elder care, child custody and more.

What does Nolo stand for in court?

nolo contendere
The phrase “nolo contendere” literally means “I do not wish to contest”. Essentially the same as a guilty plea, a “no contest” plea results in a California criminal conviction. When you plead “no contest”, you are not technically admitting guilt but are still allowing the court to determine your punishment.

What is the Nolo law?

Nolo is a legal website that provides access to legal forms, software, books, and ebooks. It’s home to a large blog with informational articles authored by legal professionals. Find legal software, books, ebooks, and articles. Create custom legal documents and contracts. Find a local lawyer who can help with your case.