What is CTC document?

What is CTC document?

Certified True Copy (CTC) of a Board resolution is a physical document, which has to be printed on the letter head of the Company, affirming the outcome of a particular resolution that has been passed by the Board of Directors who have consented and approved in their duly convened meeting.

Who can issue certified copy of board resolution?

It is a general practice that the Board of Directors in its meeting, while passing a resolution on any item of business, authorise any Director or Employee or Officer of the company to sign and issue the certified true copy of the board resolution.

What does additional certified true copy mean?

A certified true copy is a copy of a document that a notary has verified and certified (stamped and signed) as a true copy of the original document. Voilà, a certified true copy of an original document!

What is certified copy of resolution?

A Certified Corporate Resolution is a resolution that has been verified by the Secretary of the meeting and approved by the President of the corporation.

How do you get a document certified?

Certify copies

  1. Make a copy of the original document.
  2. Take the original document and your copy to the certifier.
  3. They will check your copy is the same as the original.
  4. On a single-page document, the certifier must write or stamp, ‘This is a certified true copy of the original as sighted by me’

What is the purpose of secretary’s Certificate?

A Secretary’s Certificate is a written document executed by the Corporate Secretary confirming the actions and resolutions of the Board of Directors. When regular on its face, third parties may rely on the Secretary’s Certificate without need of further investigation on the veracity of the facts contained therein.

Who can attest a resolution?

It is prepared after the meeting has concluded. A resolution, on the other hand, describes one action taken by the board at a meeting, is prepared separately during the meeting, and is attested to by the secretary of the corporation before the president approves it.

What makes something certified?

Certification provides independent verification of a certain level of expertise in a particular area. Basically, it means you have completed the steps required to receive a particular designation. Certification is conferred when you prove that you have obtained the specified abilities and knowledge.

Can a police officer certify a document?

We do not accept certification from: Police officers. Principals. School Advisors/Guidance Counsellors.

Who can certify an official document?

The following professional person or authority can certify documents:

  • Notary public.
  • Justice of the Peace.
  • Embassy Official.
  • Consulate or High Commission Officer.
  • Commissioner of Oaths or equivalent.

Do all directors have to sign a resolution?

Written resolutions give the directors greater flexibility in making decisions, as the directors don’t have to be present at a board meeting. Directors’ decisions made by written resolution must be unanimous. All eligible directors must either sign copies of the written resolution, or otherwise agree to it in writing.

Does a corporate resolution have to be notarized?

The Corporate Resolution Document Has Several Purposes. It can also be used when new officers, directors or members are being added to or replacing current owners. It is a prerequisite to a Certificate of Incumbency. Unless we have a signed and notarized copy we will not be able to prepare this legal document.