What is Exelon CEO salary?

What is Exelon CEO salary?

The base salary for Exelon president and CEO Christopher M. Crane in 2019 was $1,293,000, but that made up a small fraction of Crane’s $15,444,692 total compensation that year.

When did chris Crane become ceo of Exelon?

Crane was named president of Exelon Generation in 2008, with added responsibility for Power Team, Exelon’s former wholesale power trading and competitive retail organization (now part of Constellation).

Is Exelon closing Dresden?

Aug 4 (Reuters) – U.S. energy company Exelon Corp (EXC. O) said on Wednesday it still plans to retire uneconomic nuclear reactors at Byron and Dresden in Illinois this autumn unless some state or federal program is passed to save the plants.

Who is CEO of Exelon?

Christopher M. Crane (Mar 12, 2012–)

How much does Exelon make a year?

Exelon Corporation is an American Fortune 100 energy company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois and incorporated in Pennsylvania. It generates revenues of approximately $33.5 billion and employs approximately 33,400 people.

How much does Chris Crane make?

Christopher Crane made $15,162,803 in total compensation as Director and President; Chief Executive Officer of the Company and Generation at Exelon Corp in 2020.

Is Exelon a buy?

Exelon has received a consensus rating of Buy. The company’s average rating score is 2.88, and is based on 7 buy ratings, 1 hold rating, and no sell ratings.

Why is Dresden closing?

Exelon is prepared to close the Byron plant in September and the Dresden plant in November because of the nuclear plants’ inability to compete with the cheap power being produced from shale gas, often extracted through hydraulic fracking.

Is Byron shutting down?

“To be clear, Byron will run out of fuel and will permanently shut down on September 13 unless legislation is enacted,” the spokesperson stated. “We have been clear that we cannot refuel Byron on September 13 or Dresden in November absent policy changes.”

Is Exelon a good company to work for?

Exelon is a good large company to work for. The work they do and the diverse types of people you work with are all interesting. You can work toward different job titles and have a long career there if you put in the effort. They are larger and have good benefits and job mobility.

Does Exelon offer a pension?

Exelon Corporation Pension Master Retirement Trust (Exelon Pension Plan) is a Corporate Pension located in Chicago, IL United States, North America.

How old is Christopher Crane?

Eagle file | photos.berkshireeagle.com Christopher Crane, right, and his son Douglas chat during an event in August 2013. Christopher Crane died on Friday at 78.

How old was Chris Crane when he started Exelon?

Chris was 21 years old when he began his career as a part of a group that oversaw the engineering and construction aspects of a nuclear plant in Texas. This is where he got his start in the nuclear power industry. 8. He believes in energy conservation

Who is the CEO of Exelon energy company?

Christopher M. Crane is best known in the business world as the CEO of the Exelon Corporation, which is a Chicago based energy provider.

How long has Chris Crane been in energy industry?

Chris Crane has been integrally involved in the energy industry for more than thirty years. He’s occupied several different positions throughout his career and has sat on many boards.

Where did Christopher Crane go to Business School?

He earned his bachelor’s degree in the discipline before moving on to more advanced studies. He also attended the prestigious Harvard Business School in an Advanced Management program. He was no slouch when it came to laying a good foundation for his future through education.