What is M-dinitrobenzene used for?

What is M-dinitrobenzene used for?

Dinitrobenzene is a pale yellow or white crystalline (sand- like) solid which is usually a mixture of three isomers. It is used in making dyes, other chemicals, and explosives. * Dinitrobenzene is on the Hazardous Substance List because it is regulated by OSHA and cited by ACGIH, DOT, NIOSH, DEP, IRIS, NFPA and EPA.

What is the nitration of M-dinitrobenzene?

Principle: Here nitration is occurring on nitrobenzene. It is an electrophilic aromatic substitution in presence of NO2, which is a strong electron withdrawing group and it directs the incoming substituents to the meta position.

Is M-dinitrobenzene a solid?

Properties. The dinitrobenzenes are all crystalline solids.

What is the Colour of M-dinitrobenzene?

It is one of three isomers of dinitrobenzene. The compound is a yellow solid that is soluble in organic solvents….1,3-Dinitrobenzene.

Molar mass 168.108 g·mol−1
Appearance yellow solid
Density 1.575 g/cm3
Melting point 89.6 °C (193.3 °F; 362.8 K)

What is the formula of M dinitrobenzene?


Is nitrobenzene an acid or base?

nitro group is a strong withdrawing group and deactivating also so the positive charge on the benzene increases….if the positive charge increases the acidic nature increases…. therefore nitrobenzene is more acidic than benzene….

What is the formula of M-dinitrobenzene?

Is M-nitroaniline an acid or base?

Bases (e.g., m-nitroaniline, which is a base because it is a proton acceptor) become positively charged when reacted with an acid, and this positively charged ion will now partition into the aqueous layer. Charged molecules partition into the aqueous layer and uncharged molecules partition into the organic layer.

Is Nitro basic or acidic?

Acidic character: Due to the strong electron withdrawing nature of the nitro group (-I effect) the α-hydrogen bonded to the carbon atom bearing the nitro group is acidic, which can easily be abstracted by a base. The resulting anion, usually referred to as nitronate ion is stabilized by resonance.

How to prepare m-nitrophenol from nitrobenzene?

Aim: To prepare m-nitrophenol from nitrobenzene. It is a chemical reagent used in various organic synthesis via the etherification of phenols. Also used in the synthesis of kinase inhibitors against epidermal growth factor receptor T790M mutation.

What kind of chemical is nitrobenzene used for?

Nitrobenzene is a yellowish, oily, aromatic nitro-compound with an almond-like odor that emits toxic fumes of nitrogen oxides upon combustion. Nitrobenzene is primarily used in the manufacture of aniline, but is also used in the manufacture of lubricating oils, dyes, drugs, pesticides, and synthetic rubber.

How is nitrobenzene harmful to the human body?

Nitrobenzene is highly toxic ( Threshold Limit Value 5 mg/m 3) and readily absorbed through the skin. Prolonged exposure may cause serious damage to the central nervous system, impair vision, cause liver or kidney damage, anemia and lung irritation.

What are the uses of nitrobenzene oil of mirbane?

Specialized applications. Nitrobenzene is also used to mask unpleasant odors in shoe and floor polishes, leather dressings, paint solvents, and other materials. Redistilled, as oil of mirbane, nitrobenzene had been used as an inexpensive perfume for soaps.